Fernando Alonso drives the LaFerrari

9 Aug, 2013 12:32pm

F1 driver Fernando Alonso gets to grips with the new Ferrari LaFerrari hypercar

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Great video - this car looks brilliant. Can't wait to see it on Top Gear. I feel another epic race coming on.

Yes that's right Fernando - if you can just point in the air a bit and make it look like you're influencing the design choices that would be great.

I bet he was complimenting the pictures on the wall.


He should have at least looked people in the face when he shook their hands. That was probably the first time the engineer had met him.

Design has long since been signed off. He was more likely talking about chassis behaviour and tuning.

Nice to see the square steering wheel, last seen on the Austin Allegro making a comeback..

Does that mean you're awake Michael?