Fiat 500 GQ special edition

15 Aug, 2013 1:00pm Jonathan Burn

The Fiat 500 GQ is the result of a partnership between men's magazine GQ and Fiat

The Fiat 500 GQ is a special edition, launched by Fiat in collaboration with the men’s magazine, GQ. The new model is an attempt by Fiat to help broaden the appeal of the supermini by targeting men, with the firm saying the car is designed to appeal to "customers who love the metropolitan lifestyle and are fans of sophisticated aesthetics and uncompromising style."

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The Fiat 500 GQ debuted at the Geneva Motor Show earlier in the year, and features two-tone paintwork, which Fiat has called 'Groove Metal Grey' and 'Crossover Black.'

Based on the current 500S, and available in both hatchback and 500C convertible form, the 500 GQ features black wing mirrors, a GQ logo on the B-pillar and 16-inch Sport alloy wheels with contrasting orange 500 logos on the centre caps.

Inside, a sports leather steering wheel with infotainment controls, Bluetooth, voice recognition, black leather seats with orange stitching and an orange 500 logo on the dashboard makes up the standard equipment.

Engines from the 500S range have also been carried over, meaning the 84bhp 875cc TwinAir, 68bhp 1.2-litre petrol and the 94bhp 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel engines are available.

The price of the Fiat 500 GQ will be around £13,110 for the 69bhp 1.2-litre petrol hatchback and £15,930 for the convertible version. Prices rise to £15,510 and £18,330 for 1.3-litre MultiJet diesel hatchback and convertible respectively.

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Oh dear, another limited edition of this below par toy that has a fidgety ride, poor reliability and is really only for girls who have no clue about cars.

A stunning edition of a cleverly engineering city car with great style and a modern interior to match which now appeals to us guys as well! Good work Fiat & GQ!

I like the 500, but reckon a fire-breathing Abarth version is more enticing than driving a rolling advert for a fashion mag.

Think you'll find the majority of 500, Panda and Punto owners are really happy with their cars if you actually take a look at a range of reviews rather than the odd survey.

If you don't like Fiats or Italian cars in general just stick to your Datsun. Simple!

Great point! Love limited editon cars but can't really see where GQ come in to it.

Very smart looking car but I think it should come with the twin air as the base model - not the venerable old 1.2

Do not drive a Datsun, sorry. I looked at the owners comments on facebook actually, and on the forums. Most tend to be bought by ditzy bimbos, and all seem to suffer one problem or another - the cars, not the bimbos. Fiat lost their way when the Uno was replaced, that was a good car, I loved mine, but these new ones are just way too feminine and seem to have a fair few reliability issues, plus the dealers are rude and unhelpful.

Have you ever stopped and thought that perhaps people are more likely to comment on Facebook and forums when they have an issue in one form or another?

Fiat still make some great cars that are no worse than the mainstream brands.

It's so simple - if you don't like them, don't buy them. But if everybody was like you, we would all be driving our old, boring yet simple Japanese cars. At least Italian and French cars are quirky and appeal in totally different sense.

Its absulutlety awful!!!!!!!!!!!

I reckon it's much better than the dreary, uncool, never updated BMW Mini. Unlike the Mini Fiat keeps it fresh and brings out new special, limited editions. I particularly like the TwinAir model looks very classy and desirable in that Italian mien way. Seems like BMW really can't give 100% to Mini, maybe all their attention is on the 3, 4 Series etc..... One thing I agree with you is the Uno (my first car), great great car! many fond memories, still nostalgic about that car! In the Brazil Market they still sell it as the Mille, still look great if you ask me! Fiat should really consider bringing out an all-new updated Uno for the European market, but keep within the original Giorgetto Giugiaro 1983 Design elements, Not the fugly new one they have in Brazil. Let's be honest the latest Punto hasn't really been as successful. Who knows, a new Uno might be just what Fiat needs!

Learn to spell BMW fan, it's 'absolutely'. Have you seen the BMW owned Mini lately? now that's awful!!!!!

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