Ford GT returns as hybrid!

31 Jan, 2011 11:44am Jack Rix

Ford's new supercar features V8 hybrid drivetrain and will take on McLaren and Ferrari - but cost less than both.

It’s take three for the Ford GT! Auto Express has learned that the blue oval is readying an all-new mid-engined supercar – and it’s set to feature hybrid power. 

The model follows on from the original Sixties GT40, as well as the GT, built between 2005 and 2006. It will take aim at Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren by using the most advanced technology available to deliver massive straight-line performance. And our exclusive images predict how the Detroit missile is shaping up. 

In a bid to distance the new model from the 2005 GT, of which only 100 examples reached Europe, there will be a new design direction. While the GT used plenty of styling cues from the original GT40 racer of the Sixties, the latest interpretation is likely to forego the retro body panels and get a sharper, more modern look.
Evoking memories of the 1995 Ford GT90 concept, which had a 720bhp quad-turbocharged V12, the new GT will put an updated spin on the GT40’s design, with a huge front air intake, angular headlights and vents in the bonnet and flanks. 

The overall proportions and mid-engined configuration will remain intact, though – and that will help to provide balanced handling. The biggest news comes under the skin, though. A supercharged V8 provides the power, but extra boost is available at the touch of a button from an electric motor driving the front wheels. 

This is similar to the set-up on the Porsche 918 Spyder-style. Add stop-start and the ability to run solely on electricity for brief periods of time, and the new GT would showcase Ford’s green credentials. But as total power will be around 600bhp, the newcomer will still keep pace with other mid-engined supercars such as the McLaren MP4-12C and Ferrari 458 Italia, as well as the successors to the Lamborghini Gallardo and Audi R8.

Keeping the weight to a minimum is an all-aluminium chassis and composite body panels. Expect the GT to tip the scales at around 1,400kg, which is nearly 200kg lighter than the car it replaces. That means a power to weight ratio in the region of 430bhp per tonne, while a three-second 0-62mph time and a top speed in excess of 200mph are targets. And while it won’t be cheap, the car is sure to undercut its rivals.

There’s no word yet on when we’ll catch our first glimpse of the newcomer, and a spokesman for Ford UK remained tight-lipped. But with the economy in gradual recovery and a raft of brand new supercars on the way – the Ferrari FF, Pagani Huayra and Lamborghini Aventador all arrive at March’s Geneva Motor Show – there couldn’t be a better time for Ford to take the plunge.

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Ok people may find this ugly some will love it. I love the way this looks. What a looker.

But knowing what happens to these ideas it will not look anything like this!

I don't really understand why they want to bring this back as a hybrid. The original already was very powerful and fast, but what kind of benefits will a hybrid have?

The hybrid configuration makes sense in that it'll be cleaner. And I guess more stable with 4wd at times. Who knows. Anyway this is all still very speculative.

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The Ford GT is unlikely to look like this nicely rendered 'Auto Express' instigated creation.

April Fools chicanery a little early, don't you think, or is it always April at Auto Express?

Looks like an aesthetically pleasing concept. However, would it be wise to build this in a recession?

Hopefully next gen Fords will take the edgy styling theme, rather than the current "slabs and flames" kinetic nonsense.

Oh, and 3Deuce27 ("Fooey!" comment) - At last AE didn't title the page with "The Capri is back!", as they usually do with every Ford Coupe concept :)

When you say 'AutoExpres exclusive image' does that mean Ford has given you and only you a picture to publish, or does it mean 'Here's what we think it'll look like at AutoExpress' likeit usually does?

Hybrid on a American muscle car !?! Phah!!! This just looks ugly, in no way does this look anything like its previous models. Looks like its based on some sort of big mouthed fish found in the dark areas of the deep ocean. Sometimes if you can't come out with anything better than what you already have then its best to leave it to the history books as a one off design that sparked a craze. I like the new GT40. one hell of a good looking car and typical cheap Amercian muscle car that undercut the Europeans cars like Ferrari and a lot of fun to drive with all that heavy rubbling noise of the V8. If it fits the typical character of a amercian muscle car then its good otherwise just leave it. hybrid on a 4 cylinder engine yes, but just leave the V8 out of it.

Could this kind of front spoiler really work on high speeds? also maybe will need better rear spoiler?

From the side, passable but the front and rear, OMG just vile. The rear looks like a latter day batmobile and the front looks like it has been chiselled with a 30 pound lump hammer. Yuck! This does nothing for the Ford image but then, as someone else has commented, and rightly so in my opinion, these "exclusive images" that AE continue to foist upon us probably mean crap all because if this thing is produced, it won't look anywhere close to this anyway.

And sir wiggum, you're right with your "The Capri Is Back" comment lol. AE did this only last week with the legendary Peugeot 205 GTI, except of course it's an entirely different car coming under the banner of the 208 GTI. Does anyone notice a difference here? Lol.

I read in the papers at the Weekend that a Ford Focus now costs more than a Golf.! Now i know where the extra revenue is going.
Pie in the Sky concepts for the uber rich.

well, if it costs less than either, i'm interested. but if it costs less than both, than i'll choose either of the alternatives instead.

Looks sensational from the front/side, but not at all sure about the back

I think I will wait for actual images of it, rather than depend on the imaginary AE "prediction".
Is AE run by Mystic Meg now or something?

Another photoshop. When will you guys stick to the real thing?

Probably never. Not sure why I bother reading this garbage.

Oh c'mon guys, did you think we wouldn't notice?

The entire rear end and side windows have been lifted and stretched in Photoshop from pics of Ford's Shelby GR1 Concept from 2005. pffft! And quite frankly, that was a much better looking thing than this rather poor attempt.

or perhaps an unhappy japanimal?

or perhaps an unhappy japanimal?

or perhaps an unhappy japanimal?

SuperNeauvou, why don't you just p*ss off advertising your blog over every car site on the net and pay for some banners or something.

No ford do not make it a hybrid if you have the money to buy one you have the money for fuel.

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