Can we guess what colour car you drive? (sponsored)

Ford guess the car colour
22 Dec, 2015 7:00am

Ford claims its car colour personality quiz can get inside your head and guess the colour of your car in just 10 questions…

Answer 10 questions and Ford thinks it can guess what colour car you drive. Are you active and adventurous, rational and intelligent, a thrill seeker or empathetic? Ford thinks its latest quiz can identify your personality type and match it with the colour of car you own, or which colour Ford thinks you should own. Is Ford right or is it wrong?

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Based on psychological research, the brand’s new personality test asks you questions like what skill you believe is most important in life, what you like doing with your spare time and what annoys you most about other people. These questions might appear to have precisely nothing to do with the colour of your car but Ford thinks it’s cracked the code. 

Answer the questions and the quiz will attempt to determine which colour car you drive from the different personality traits that are commonly associated with that colour. White, for example, is generally regarded as a very clean, precise and modern colour, while red is seen as a passionate, active and confident colour. 

Is Ford really using digital wizardry and a little bit of psychological knowhow to  get inside your head? Is it going all Paul McKenna and reading your mind through the power of the internet?

Take the quiz and find out! Then leave us a comment below telling us which colour it picked for you - did Ford nail it or fail it?