New Focus hits the road!

20 Oct, 2010 1:39pm Andrew English

We're first magazine to get an exclusive ride-along in the all-new Ford Focus.


It’s impossible to overestimate the importance of this car for Ford. The Focus not only stands for its ability to devour corners, but ease of use, low ownership costs and ride quality. To repeat previous successes, the MkIII must tick these boxes and more. And the signs are very good. The suspension behaved well in corners and over bumps, while cabin fit and finish are improved. As for the styling? We’ll let you decide for yourselves.
Britain’s best-selling car is back! It debuted at the Detroit Motor Show back in January, but the Ford Focus is an institution in this country – the ageing current model is second only to the Fiesta in the UK sales chart. 

And Auto Express is the first magazine to experience the new Focus on the road. We’re at the firm’s notorious ride and handling centre at Lommel in Belgium. The hatch is travelling way too fast on a blind, tightening corner, with Edwin Vliem, Ford’s steering dynamics engineer, at the wheel, chatting away without a care in the world. We’re clearly going to crash, but no – he lifts off the throttle, brakes, and the Focus simply and calmly tightens its line into the bend. 

Video: watch CarBuyer's video review of the Ford Focus

So the new car handles 
brilliantly – no surprises 
there. Ford’s best-selling 
family hatch has been the 
standard bearer in the sector since its 1998 launch. Devised by the blue oval ‘dream team’ of 
suspension and body engineers under development chief Richard Parry-Jones, the Focus has been through endless facelifts and 
a major redesign in 2004. Up 
to September this year, a total 
of 1,374,478 cars had been 
sold in Britain alone. The new model, which goes on sale in March, has a lot to live up to. 

But the early signs are 
good. We’ve already driven 
the five-seater C-Max, which is based on the new Focus, so can attest to the 
fit and finish of the cabin – and this prototype is 
no different. The 
rear seats are a 
little more cramped than in the roomier compact MPV, but the heavily domed roof gives plenty of rear headroom. And while the pre-production trim 
is untextured – a flaw that will 
be rectified with the production model – the quality of the design is clear to see. The layered centre console is attractive, while the wraparound dash and silver 
highlights add flair to the cabin. 

The seats offer lots of comfort and support, although they are 
a little wide for most Europeans. The Focus is a global car, so it 
has to suit larger US customers 
as well as slimline Brits.  
It’s under the heavily revised skin that Ford’s engineers have put in the hard yards and, even from the passenger seat, the engineering love that’s gone into the new model is clear to see. 

Despite being in Belgium, it’s obvious the car will behave well on the UK’s pitted roads. While the basic chassis configuration 
of the MacPherson strut front 
and control-blade independent 
rear suspension remains, the bodyshell has been strengthened, as have the suspension and the subframe. There are tweaks to the bushings and dampers, the main aim being to improve agility and refinement without harming excellent high-speed stability. 

The major change is the 
introduction of electronic power-steering – which has been 10 years in development and was deemed “not mature enough” 
to feature in the 2004 Focus. 
It works well in the C-Max, but we’ll have to wait to get behind the wheel to see if the new Focus has the handling and steering feel owners have come to expect. 

The ride on the artificial lumps and bumps of Lommel seems firm, but positive, with a sense of competence and grip. Ford has worked hard to prepare the new Focus for forthcoming EU rules 
on stability control efficiency. 

This requirement, which becomes law in November 2012, determines how quickly the car recovers following a sudden 
avoidance manoeuvre. “An 
easy way to comply would be 
to make the steering lazy,” says engineer Bart Lanerts. “But 
we need to comply without 
compromising the handling.” 

As for the Focus’s shape, 
it’s grown-up, if not as striking 
as previous versions. We’ll deliver a full verdict on the car next year, before its release in the spring. But for now, things look promising. 

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What an excellent car!
What a dreadful exterior and interior!
Looks like a modernised old KIA and the interior looks SO confusing and XBOX like

Having seen the Pictures if Ford released them they should have thought again looks like a face-change to the existing model, and the version with all that grey, will not help initial interest!


Anoole: I aggree: especially from back side it looks like KIA Rio

I agree with the above. this car is one ugly mash-up. It actually looks like it has been designed to be on sale in the US which I'm sure is an advancement on the crap they sell over there but this will not do in Europe. Although judging the backward-looking new Golf unveiled on these pages recently, maybe Europe is going through a period of design introspection... Picking out good designs of the past and making them appear older than their originals. Just as British Leyland did when they replaced the advanced and excellent top selling 1100/1300 range with the Allegro. A car that took BL from Market leaders (just like Ford with the Focus) to bankruptcy and nationalisation almost overnight.

Do your stylists/design team work for the opposition? get it right
its never too late!!!

The Focus was instantly recognisable and had a design integrity the new model lacks. The dash looks like a cobbled together mish-mash of design influences from 1980s ghetto blasters to mobile phones to Transformers and manages the difficult task of looking cheaper than the current car's.
I reckon a facelift within 3 years of launch is on the cards.

What a hideous interior. Ford need a new interior design team. This one seems stuck in the past; this is plasticky, totally lacking any class, reminiscent of the worst of far eastern diesgn and just cheap looking. I think the exterior is OK if a little unadventurous but this interior is just so ghastly I couldn't live with the car no matter how good it drove.

The S-Max and Mondeo are also good cars let down by cheap feeling interiors, but this thing is in a different league even to them.

Wake up Ford - this looks like you've got some talentless inexperienced far eastern designer who thinks that copying Nokia style of 10 years ago is good enough for a 2010 car. It really isn't.

What else can you say ?

This particular model looks awful ! The rear light cluster design is terrible.

I cannot understand why in this day and age car manufacturers can still come up with boring, run-of-the-mill designs.

The interior looks like a Transformers changing room. Theres is nothing about this car that is inspiring. Who would love to own this car ? surely no-one, it says nothing at all.

Mind you I'm sure it will be great at being practical. Now theres something to shout about ?

The New Ford Drab...shocker..

Im sorry but I've just had another look at the photos...

and it annoys me so much that Ford have given their most popular model the looks of a car half the value.

I'm just so annoyed and frustrated with Ford at releasing this monstrosity. How the guys in the design room got this signed off I'll never know. Perhaps it very very very cheap to make....a ha..perhaps thats it and I suppose looking at it, it probably is.

I'm gutted that given an opportunity to take it to VW, Ford have given us a car that is dire yet more expensive than the Golf.

A near 20k car that looks this drab is a massive let down and I'm afraid a sign of the times.

Au Revoir

What a truly ugly looking thing, and at the same time so bland........... makes the dull looking Astra stand out! I totally agree with most of you, where has the instant recognisable design gone from Ford? and what is going off inside the car... I mean it is supposed to be an ergonomically designed car not a fighting jet?

No matter what it costs, you certainly get your money's worth of controls to play with!

Look at picture 7 and count the knobs, switches and buttons on the dash and steering wheel.

I thought the current Focus had been whacked too hard with the ugly stick, but this takes the biscuit. When are Ford going to realise that they can't just churn out dull rubbish all the time and get away with.

Ford are still trading on their name they made for themselves in the 80's (and previous), soon all the loyal lunnies will be gone, and nobody will buy their cars anymore. The Focus and the Fiesta sell heavily in the fleet market and this is what keeps them at the top of the sales lists.

If a consumer wants relaibility then they buy Japanese. If its 'perceived' quality, or keeping up with the Jones', then its a German marque....Fords are neither here nor there

Auto Express constantly get far too excited when Ford do Ford sponsor the magazine or something?

4 or 5 stars for every model...poppycock !

an ugly exterior and the ugliest interior!

I'm sure Ford could have got at least another dozen buttons fitted on the steering wheel if they tried a bit harder. :-)

Up until about ten years ago Ford interior designs were top of the class. Granted, materials weren't always of the highest quality, but they were well screwed together and offered the perception of being in a class above. Since then things have been allowed to slip at Ford and have consequently led to what I perceive to be one of the worst interiors I've ever clapped eyes on in the S-Max, until now that is...

I honestly can't find anything positive to say about this car, let alone the cabin. Presumably Ford presented this design to a secret focus (sic) group before signing it off, or did they? I find it hard to believe there would have been a unanimous positive reaction within this group.

It's all about perception of quality when it comes to design and as mentioned in an earlier post, the rear light clusters resemble those of an early Kia Rio. With the greatest respect to Kia, the first generation Rio was not a good car, and one wonders why Ford would want to handicap the new Focus with such a design cue. The front of the car fares no better, It is an utter disaster. It appears to have been designed by a dysfunctional committee. Again, it harks back to early Korean designs which in turn tried to ape Japanese styling cues from a previous generation, a recipe for disaster.

There is also nothing about this vehicle that shouts "Focus" at you. Previous iterations of the model all display strong attributes of 'Focus'-ness. AE might want to try a little experiment. Using the fine 'PhotoShop' skills with which the magazine has become synonymous, it should remove all traces of Ford branding from the pics, then spend an hour on the streets asking members of the public to comment on who they think the manufacturer is. The results would lean in an easterly direction i fear...

A disaster - i hope it has a sharp key so i can rip my eyeballs from their sockets - why does every new car have to be so dull the first focus eclipsed the tired ford escort and rightly so then in 2004 disaster struck with the lamentible second generation focus at least it kept the basic focus styling cues such as c pillar tail lamps but the interior was laden with the nastiest plastics i have ever seen in a car and now this The New Ford Absess

A disaster - i hope it has a sharp key so i can rip my eyeballs from their sockets - why does every new car have to be so dull the first focus eclipsed the tired ford escort and rightly so then in 2004 disaster struck with the lamentible second generation focus at least it kept the basic focus styling cues such as c pillar tail lamps but the interior was laden with the nastiest plastics i have ever seen in a car and now this The New Ford Absess

Its so so bland on the outside, one of these pass you, you won't look twice even though its a new model.

Masses of grey plastic on the inside looks cheap & tacky.

Ford - can you please see if you could get even more buttons crammed into that centre console & the steering wheel. The more the better as it'll be even more distracting for the driver when they are lit up at night just like the Tokyo skyline.
More buttons = more loading on the electric circuit s & dependency, therefore more things likely to go wrong.
No doubt we'll see the new Focus down the bottom of the JD power survey for the years to come.

Phenomenal car, the best and modern in segment. Golf is conservativ,boring, gray car. Ford Focus have much image... Technical parts and setup is always best.

I reckon Vauxhall will need to increase production of the Astra now! - The Focus is nowhere near as good looking!
And why is it car manufactures think we want dashboards from spaceships!
Why cant we go back to round chrome bezel dials with proper moving needles - Radios that look like radios that you don't have to spend ages trying to work out what does what - Indicator stalks that turn off when you want them to (and on the right side) - How can anyone drive a car safely with all these meaningless buttons! and before you ask Yes I am of the older generation!

How could Ford get the new Focus styling so wrong ? The current two door ST is the prettiest, the RS looks like a boy racer car and thats where it went wrong.VW and Vauxhall will be upping production for the disillusioned Focus buyers. Mechanically it's fine but the styling is a joke.That awful great grille especially on the ST looks as if they ran out of ideas and thought ' that'll do' We are looking at the demise of one of the best Fords for years....

A bit Renault.
A bit Citroen.
A bit of a dogs dinner.
Oh dear Ford, the Fiesta was a breath of fresh air.
The Focus has Halitosis!

In trying to make this a global car they have completely alienated the European market which has far higher expectations for good design and quality. This is clearly targeting the US market and at the same time disregarding all that made the original car great. Bad form Ford.

Ugly with a capital U and VERY cheap looking! There is nothing I like, and the interior seems to use every cheap plastic known to man......they have the ame cheap interior feel on the fiesta which is exactly why I am buying a polo instead.

What an ugly excuse of a car! The current generation is a far better-looking car than this mess! I quite like the interior, but I wouldn't want to get in it!!!

That's some achievement. Such a shame though as the Focus was truly inspirational when the MK1 was launched. Granted the Mk2 is no looker but still great value. But this attempt at producing a Fiesta on steroids just looks terrible.

As for the pricing Ford have obviously lost the plot. £19,500 for a Focus, are they serious?

at the "slimline brits".

I fully agree. this car is major ugly. As a past owner of a mk1 and now of an mk2, no way will I go for this monstershape. Third time unlucky Ford!!!!!!!

I have to say that this new Ford Focus is a BIG mistake. The current Focus is much more pleasing on the eye, but what were the designers thinking when they came up with this mish-mash. For the rear-end of the car to be compared to a Kia Rio ( old model at that) by a previous comentator is absolutely spot-on, but that is a major turn off. Who wants to buy a new car that reminds people of a very old design from Kia ??. The fuel filler flap looks absolutely hideous as do the unnecessarily large rear lights. Can't you just imagine how much a replacement rear light cluster would cost you if you broke one. Come on Ford - cop on to yourselves before its too late. You are following Nissan with their dreadful design style - just look at the Tiida, Juke and new Micra to name but a few.

Six years in developement, over a billion pounds spend and this is what they came up with! Ok so they've not followed VW with an updated version of the current car, what they have done is taken all the good cues from the existing car and binned them, started from scratch and churned out this dross. Whoever heads up Ford's design team should be investigated, is he oon a bung from Ford's rivals? This is a bloody disgrace!!!

Maybe it's a wind up maybe the bodyshell is fool everyone, maybe the real stunner we were expecting is under wraps until it's release date, sadly that's unlikely. Good luck Ford on coming up with a 21st century Allegro

Hold you horses folks, wait until you have seen the car on the road. Like most past new Fords there has been some initial criticism only for the model to become loved and bought in their thousands.Someone mentioned in one article that in the flesh the Focus MK3 is stunning. So lets wait until spring 2011 to make our final judgement.

No need to wait til 2011, that is one seriously ugly, dreary car! To compare it to a Kia is being unkind to Kia!

What ever happened to the MK1 design team?

Whoever was responsible for designing this 'thing' - I've got one thing to say to you......

'Should have gone to Specsavers dude'

That looks awfull, and as per some other comments, looks like some cheap Kia or other ****, and is a backward step on the current design.........WHAT were you thinking????

Really bad move Ford :(

This seems to be a new strategy for Ford, to bring the ugly into market. Let alone this mutant, just look at the facelifted Mondeo or at the C-Max-es.
I don’t buy it, that there would have been no intervention from Detroit in shaping these models, as far as the European design team is basically the same. These are not European designs as they’ve alleged to be, there’s been a major interference. The major goal for Mulally now is to be successful in America and to reduce costs with a global car, so who cares about those Europeans who want their cars to have nice designs and decent perceived quality. How about that useless line framing the badge on the grille which doesn’t fit well on this grandma’s car neither on Mondeo? This was a clear commandment: a common visual identity along the carline no matter what. Doesn’t matter it has no place there, it’s a mishmash, it’s so ugly. Especially on Mondeo with its trapezoidal shiny frames. Sooooo kitsch.
We give you a very good car, but the quality of materials is not so great, as this would make the car much costlier, but guess what, there’s a trick in here, the Ford margin is better this way, the car is not cheap enough for the horrible materials having been incorporated. As exactly as they’ve been doing in the US for some decades. No wonder that American drivers are quite enthusiastic with the car, it’s way better than the turds they’ve been used to.
I’ve been briefly surfing the auto sites from the Detroit launch moment on and people from Europe having appreciated this design are very few. Ford had better considered couple of tweaks. But that didn’t matter for them, the car is basically the same, the moustache of the grille, an idea borrowed from Audi and hilariously turned upside-down is still there, the Kia Rio-like (well-said) dull rear is untouched, the general perceived quality of materials is the same, the only thing they’ve done was to bring a little bit stylized headlights and that was it, the car is the latest wonder, the dream of any European driver. Come on, get serious, only grandma would like it and buy it, this might have been the Car of the Decade of the ‘80s. if any.
I bet a major facelift could come sooner than expected, in 2 years at the most, after you have lost half of your market share in Europe. Hope you’ll have conquered the American market in the meantime. And to the guys from the PR department… stop posting here, all these disappointed people are not VW or Opel/Vauxhall shills, open your eyes, the design of the car is HORRIBLE, we’ll never get used to this shit. You’d rather dare telling your American bosses that they are wrong and they can’t afford such a slip-up.

I must be getting old.
I quite like the exterior. Though of course anything not designed by Chris Bangle is going to look reasonable, and I am in to undestated design, currently unfasionable.

Do hate the Dash though.
Ever since the Tonka Toy Ka interior , back in 1997, Ford has made a hash of interiors, but this garish homage to a 1970s Japanese Karioke console easily worsts anything currently on sale.

As someone posted on here about the car looking better in the flesh, I doubt it, but I did however get blitzed on the M4 by someone in an XJ Jaguar yesterday, in the photos it did not seem to work, yet on the road I was like wow that is actually a very, very nice looking car. I can't see this gumpy looking, U.S styled Focus pap having the same effect on me.

I would not want to be working in Ford's UK marketing department right now. I bet they are crying right now; long hours and lots of head scratching! The marketing machine will go into overdrive in January. You can throw money at an ad campaign all you want, people will show their disapproval by ignoring the showrooms and taking their hard earned elsewhere

I can’t understand why some people want to forget who they are. VW Golf, the current European sales leader is almost the same car as before, is an easily recognizable car. It proudly carries out its heritage. I’m not one of their fans, but I have to accept this. The former version of Focus has been quite a nice car, its dynamic stance doesn’t worth to be abandoned, but a bit lowered and updated, mostly the interior. And abandoned for this…
I don’t dislike this interior so much, well, I mean this interior and not those of the lower configurations with the Fiesta-Nokia-Star Trek-like dashboard, but the front and the rear ends of the new model are absolutely disastrous. The whole car isn’t consistent, as if theirs first thought would have been to design a bland, prudently curved and widely accepted vehicle, and after a while they recalled of the dynamic aspect and added to the front that hideous cheap moustache.
Moreover, as the car isn’t well-proportioned, it’s obvious for any observer that not only the Auto Express guys but also their own staff had made serious efforts in catching a good angle for the shots in order for the car to look good, but with no avail cause there’s no such thing as a good angle for this car, it isn’t good-looking not even in the official photos or videos.
Well, it seems that Ford doesn’t feel good without a cold shower from time to time, so its fans should prepare themselves to wait some long years for the decision-makers to wake up again. Until then, Auf Wiedersehen or, who knows, something like this in Korean, as they are catching up so fast while others take huge steps backwards!

Well after this massive Ford design slag off I'm not too sure if everyone will like what I'm going to say?

When the new Focus was revealed earlier this year I was a little disappointed, but as time has gone on I have started to really like the design. OK we might have some comprimises having a global design but look at the advantages. I think that the feature set will be second to none!

Having been a Focus and Golf driver in the past, I always wanted to be back behind the wheel of the Focus rather than the Golf.

Some people can't be pleased....much like the Fiesta and Mondeo I'm sure this new car will be fantastic. Keep up the good work Ford!

Also I rather like the interior, better than the boring VW standard lets having something different!

As good as the Driving Dynamics might be, this is just not desirable at all! There are plenty of better alternatives out there, such as Audi A3, Alfa Romeo Giulietta, Fiat Bravo to name a few!!

Seriously! Someone has kicked it from behind and then given the job of rearranging the light clusters to a bric-a-brac junior to solve! OMG! That is so nasty. What is going on with the sterring controls as well, more buttons going on that a light aircraft? it will sell well but its such a minger to look at. hate to think how bad the ST or RS will look like. Puke...

Never seen such a fugly front end on a car, its an untidy cluttered mess.

Very pleased with the new Fiesta it was a massive improvement on the old model, whilst the new Focus has just got worse.

Worst Focus l have seen yet, come on Ford you can do much better than this.

Ford's designers must be getting back handers from Vauhxall to screw the Focus up.

Design team sharing ah? Ex-Audi designer gone to KIA, Ex-KIA designer obviously gone to Ford. He obviously thought, "I know what I'll do, I'll get the previous model KIA Rio Estate ( very popular in the republic of Korea ) add some Volvo tail-lights and Wallah!!"
This is how to wipe-out market share in one fell-swoop of the pen.

This Car represents everything that is bad about American Cars! Tasteless, no sopthistication, class or spirit, no originality. Awful! European Car Makes are far better than this!

After they’ve bankrupted Ford in the US, now the European operations take it in turns. They’ve promised not to interfere and let Europe do the homework. Well, no chance about it, those geniuses from Detroit just couldn’t help themselves bring up a bit of their vision instead of just do nothing. And after that a bit more and that’s it. A perfect car for China, no doubt about it, to be like a Byd just put bit more of those shiny metallic lines all over the place, that’s it.

This’d have been the perfect moment for Ford to beat VW, instead the Detroit big chiefs have chosen to beat off and to sink to the bottom also the European operations.

No matter what it looks like it will still be a huge seller even with these old wheels on. Look what happened to the ugly Fiesta. Only us stupid Brits will go for it big style.

What a dreadful front design, and the rear looks like a mash up of that terrible Ssang Song 4x4.

I actually thought some boy racer had tacked on some hideous front bumper until I read the article.

This car is truely ghastly!

Someone needs tyo be fired for this!

I have yet to see anything stylish from Korea so what are Ford doing in their English Style shop eating Kim Chi ..

What a hideous car - and as for that interior, I could not live with that! VW must be rubbing their hands with glee, to see Ford ruin their key vehicle. Mind you if you think this is ugly, wait till you clap eyes on the new C Max. For heavens sake, Ford, shoot your stylist!

The front of the car looks very busy. The rear looks like a Kia Rio, bad move and a backward step. The interior is laden with buttons, the air vents in particular seem to have been designed to be fitted horizontally and not vertically. Can't see any cup holders or storage bins on the dashboard either. I'm sure perceived quality will be much better than Mk2, but who in his right mind would consider something that looks so disjointed? It's as if the design team were not talking to each other. Focus Mk1 was the definitive point in Ford's design language, looked crisp, purposeful, clean. Mk3 is all bling in a cheap and nasty way. Thankfully Brits will lap it up, it's a Ford after all, but personally can't see it selling in any reasonable numbers outside Britain... Shame, I really rate Ford driving dynamics very highly, but their designs of late leave a lot to be desired

I don't know what most people seem to have against Ford - it's nowhere near as bad as it's being made out. The styling is one of those things that will grow on you in time and the interior seems pretty stylish to me. Has a lot more character to it than the dull as dishwater Golf. If you don't like it then fine, stick to your boring German boxes or French trolleys that fall apart in five minutes. People who can see beyond the badge know what Fords are all about and that's why they will sell by the bucket load.

This year has been a turning point with my relationship with Ford. I have been a Ford fan all my life but my current Focus MK2 has given me so much trouble that it was very expensive to put right. I resolved that when I replace my car in a few years it will not be a Ford. This pathetic ugly effort only strengthens my resolve.

Remember that Ford headquarter in Europe is Cologne, Germany and most of european Fords are made in this country.

Cricky what happened to the rear? that is ugly and looks borrowed from one of the French cars. The inside is a Fiesta and the front - well, this is a massive lost opportunity. They could have made the design more exciting, rather it is a half way approach. Not too daring and trying to be different. Its a mess. The Astra is a much more nicer car. Looks like Vauxhall is getting their game in order and Ford is losing theirs.

back side is awful

back side is awful

Focus or Kia from 2003 WTF ????

I think there is some paid anti-Ford blogging going on on this site because, hey, I'd have on like a shot.
It looks good to me, but then I'm 49 and in the target demographic group, not 13.

the Astra has never been in the Focus league but this new Focus has just readdressed that.I liked both MK1 and MK2 Focus but this is awful,lets hope ford have maintained its handling and driving character if not,then save a few grand and buy a better built if a little dull Kia Ceed.

here we go a ford that will walk out the showroom give it a month or
or 2 and it will be all over the place why . i drive a alfa 147 its not the biggest some people my not like it for reliability but it never let me down and it is so refreshing to see on the road even that it is 8 years old .

is it as much fun as the original? I had the original Focus as a company car some years ago. It was so much fun to drive and had a wonderfully eccentric dash which was hideous really but suited the personality of the car. Now it has got bigger but is it better? More expensive, more gadgets but more fun? I wonder

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First, take a look at the new Optima -- it's what the new Saab's should be. Then, just days ago in California, I was invited to a focus group. Instead of looking at the new Focus sedan like last time, I was looking at something looked liked the future Kia Forte sedan -- so stylish that no one else can compete...

So in order to steal another portion of the market share, Ford should just stick w/ this good-selling old body, which is no larger than today's Fiesta sedan: ;)

Key specs

* Price: £19,500 (est)
* Engine: 1.6 litre 4cyl turbo
* Power: 178bhp
* Torque: 240Nm
* Transmission: Six-speed manual, front-wheel drive
* 0-60mph: 9.4 seconds (est)
* Top speed: 127mph (est)
* Economy : 43mpg
* CO2 : 154g/km (est)
* Equipment: Air-conditioning, electronic power-steering, DAB digital radio with CD player, automatic wipers and headlamps, USB connection for MP3 players, hill-launch assist, optional electric mirrors, electric windows, cruise control, reversing camera
* On sale: March