Honda at Beijing

23 Apr, 2012 6:35pm Mat Watson

Honda unveils Concept S and Concept C models in Beijing, previewing two new budget models for the brand

Honda unveiled a new global compact car at the Beijing Motor Show, called the Honda Concept S.  
It will be sold mainly in emerging markets and China. According to Honda, the 'S' stands for 'stylish, smart and surprise' but that's all the Japanese firm has announced so far. It hasn't released any details on the powertrain, other than to say it is a hybrid. 

However the Concept S wasn't the only surprise on Honda's Beijing stand as it also unveiled - the new Honda Concept C - the C representing 'cool, challenge and China'. The car was conceived by Honda China, although Honda Japan had input into the design.

Envisioned as a cheap saloon car for the Chinese market, the Concept C is expected to transform from concept into a production reality later this year. Don’t expect to see it on UK roads though.