Honda Civic facelift spied

10 Jun, 2014 11:07am Jonathan Burn

Fresh faced Honda Civic spied testing in the UK, with official revealed expected before the end of the year

With the Honda Civic Type R in the latter stages of development, it seems the Japanese manufacturer has turned its attention to the rest of the Civic lineup. This is the first time we’ve seen the facelifted hatchback, spied testing around the brand’s Swindon plant.

Although completely wrapped and hidden from view there are a few design cues which appear to have been adopted form the Civic Type R concept. The sweeping headlights now feature a more prominent kink, while larger air vents give a sportier look. Further changes round the back include a new rear light cluster and bumper plus a redesigned rear diffuser.

The lack of an exhaust indicates we’re probably looking at one of the lesser-powered and more efficiency-focused models, but a more potent Type S will also be introduced, which will sit behind the flagship Type R in the Civic range.

We could also be seeing some further changes beneath the bonnet. The plates on this prototype revealed the Civic will stick with the 1.6-litre diesel engine but the 1.4 and 1.8-litre petrol powertrains could be ditched in favour of Honda’s new downsized VTEC engines.

Introduced late last year the new 1.0-litre three-cylinder and 1.5-litre four-cylinder VTEC petrol engines could make an appearance in the Civic matching the power output of the current petrol engines but boosting economy. However, nothing has yet been confirmed by Honda.

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Looks way better than the current model! Go Honda!

At last!

Yuk. Previous model much nicer, more hot-hatch looking. This looks like a pensioner's car, which is why they have the Jazz.

Used to drive Hondas in the 1980s - style went with the last 2000 two-seater.

An ugly car just got even uglier. Wow!

Yes, very nice progressive styling, good work from Honda design. But Civic still too expensive.

Don't understand how 'pikey' and 'Noneyabiz' can come to conclusions about the styling - how can you tell when it's behind a camouflage wrap? I'll reserve judgement until I see the showroom product.

Can I haveone of those wallpapered ones please?

What's happened to Honda? They seem to have lost their mojo in the past decade. The previous Civic was a looker, well proportioned, good to drive, but the current one seems to have gone backwards. Shame.

I'm sure even my clumsy hand could come up with a more coherent, stylish design than Honda's team at the moment. This really needs to be a huge improvement over the current version but judging by what can already be seen, it most likely won't be. Shame.