honda fr-v

FR-V tops crash chart

10 Jun, 2011

Insurance site has named six-seater as UK’s most accident-prone car.

Honda FC Sport

It’s Honda’s fuel cell Ferrari chaser!

26 Nov, 2008

Zero emissions, two-door SC Sport based on FCX Clarity concept and will get McLaren F1 seat layout.

Long-term tests

Honda FR-V 2007 - long-term test

3 Apr, 2007

Does Honda's FR-V offer the right blend of practicality?

Honda FR-V
Road tests

Honda FR-V

27 Feb, 2007

The Honda FR-V has a novel three-by-three seat cabin and an economical new 1.8-litre petrol engine

Honda FR-V
In-depth reviews

Honda FR-V MPV review (2004-2009)

There's no doubting the quality of the Honda. But the two-rows-of-three layout is an acquired taste, and the FR-V looks pricey.

Long-term tests

Honda FR-V 2006 - long-term test

14 Nov, 2006

As the weather is getting colder, our Honda FR-V has been equipped with winter tyres to help it through the next few months