New Hyundai i10 pricing announced

14 Oct, 2013 5:42pm Nick Gibbs Jonathan Burn

The new Hyundai i10 starts at £8,345, on sale in January 2014. It gets a bigger boot than a VW up! and sub-100g/km CO2 emissions

Prices for the new Hyundai i10 have been revealed - a car that Hyundai describes as a supermini in a city car package. Prices start from £8,345 and rise to £10,495. 

The no-frills i10 five-door has been a fixture on Britain’s roads ever since it became the most popular car bought on the Scrappage Scheme three years ago. An amazing 110,000 have been shifted since it was launched in 2008, making it Hyundai’s best-selling model in the UK.

Existing owners might be shocked to learn a the new grown-up i10 - which cost from £4,995 with the £2,000 Scrappage discount - will start from £8,345 when it goes on sale on January. The price remains the same as the outgoing mode and Hyundai claims the new i10 boasts increased space, quality and more equipment. 

• Hyundai i10 prototype review 

Two petrol engines will be available from launch, which include a 65bhp 1.0-litre three cylinder motor and a more powerful 85bhp 1.2-litre petrol engine. The latter is expected to make up approximately 40 per cent of sales. The same engines can also be found in the Kia Picanto, with which the i10 shares its platform.

Trim levels are made up of S, SE and Premium and include standard equipment such as, central locking, electric front windows, USB input, daytime running lights, adjustable steering wheel and six airbags. Mid-range SE models receive additional, remote central locking, electric rear windows, electric heated door mirrors, body colour door handles and mirrors. Models in SE trim are priced from £9,292 and rise to £10,495 if you opt for the automatic gearbox.

Range-topping Premium trim adds 14 inch alloys, Bluetooth connectivity with voice recognition, steering wheel controls. All models come with five seats, apart from the SE Blue Drive variant which is only available with four but does boast sub 100g/km CO2 emmsions at only 98g/km. 

Hyundai is promising a more dynamic drive, and will be hoping this – along with the step up in quality and practicality – will help the i10 improve on its Driver Power rating. The current model was the worst-performing Hyundai in Auto Express’ latest owner satisfaction survey, finishing a lowly 135th.

When we tested the prototype we were certainly impressed by the extra space on offer, considering the new grown-up i10 dimensions are just 80mm longer and 65mm wider than the old car. Hyundai claims the boot space is the largest in class, at 252 litres – one litre more than in a Volkswagen up! and 27 litres more than in the outgoing i10.

The rear is so roomy that a six-foot passenger can comfortably sit behind a six-foot driver, which should be more than adequate for the target market of families wanting a second car. They’ll also be impressed by the array of cubbies and bottle holders, plus the dashboard's soft-touch plastics and well engineered controls.

Hyundai product marketing chief Christian Loeer told us: “We found most customers preferred this type of craftsmanship to the bare-metal surfaces of the up!.”

Schreyer set to breathe new life into Hyundai

Peter Schreyer has overseen the design revolution at Kia, but since January his role has morphed into head of design for both Kia and Hyundai.

Although Schreyer probably didn’t influence the i10 heavily – it had already been all but signed off – the move heralds exciting times for Hyundai, and he is expected to reshape the firm’s cars in the same way he has Kia’s.

The i10 was styled at Hyundai’s German design centre. The boxiness of the old car was reduced by losing 50mm from the height, and flat surfaces broken up with the brand’s ‘fluidic sculpture’ 3D effect. Dark plastic inserts flank the tailgate to give the rear screen a wraparound effect.

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This looks excellent and infinitely better than the current model. This looks like a cut or two above the current crop of city cars and deserves to do well if the early signs are correct.

Definitely improves the look no end by adding some visual width to the exterior design and hopefully we'll attract a new younger market for Hyundai.

Agreed - best-looking city car yet, I think. Moves the game on a bit, showing that these cars aren't obliged by law to look boxy and cute.

Wow, as a bloke i would not have considered the current model but this really looks the part. The only issue may be the price of a reasonably equipped one. Well done Hyundai!

I like the car, less the article. The prices clearly haven't been revealed. Saying that it will start from "around £8500" is not revealing the prices.

I too think that it looks wider and lower than the current car and therefore better. I'm not in the market for this type of car but since we're going to see a lot of these on the road, I'm glad Hyundai made a city car look cool.

It looks so much better than the current, incredibly bland model which appears small and stumpy. I hope they get the pricing right - there are a lot of very keenly priced cars from the citycar segment and above available - competition is fierce. I disagree with the comment about the painted metal in the Up - for many that has been a selling point.

It would be nice if Hyundai could be a little more creative in the design of their cars. Is it me did the last model look identical to a Vauxhall Cosa and this modal has the front of Ford Fiesta and sides inspired by the Renault Clio. Every car they make seems to borrow different parts of the latest stylish cars on the market. I've not seen anything revolutionary in their recent cars.

Let's see if the previous extortionate servicing costs are carried over from the outgoing model. We ditched our I10 for a Picanto as 3 years servicing plus 1st mot paid up front cost less than the first 2 services for the I10. How ridiculous is that when they are virtually the same car!

It's sister car the Kia Morning/ Picato looks was better. I do have to say these engines are fizzy and it handles like a go-cart.

Its sister car the Kia Morning/ Picato looks was better. I do have to say these engines are fizzy and it handles like a go-cart.

You're thinking of the i20 - the Corsa copycat and I agree with you.

In my opinion however, the Corsa took inspiration from the Clio at the time. And the Adam takes inspiration from all of its rivals, though some more than others.

I think they're all at it but when you think of how far Kia/Hyundai have come, it's incredible.

I'm likely to receive a barrage of criticism for this but I think it puts VW's efforts with Skoda to shame in many ways. I would happily own a recent Kia or Hyundai but to own a Skoda would make me feel a bit old to be honest. I can't help thinking, despite their excellent dealer networks and build quality that Skoda has been neglected by VW.

Their models are left to age far too long and although they're usually cheaper than their VAG equivalents they're also usually the least well equipped and the least desirable inside and out. The new Octavia only has boot space on its side and for me at least, little else in terms of appeal.

But I accept that's my opinion so please don't try and persuade me otherwise!

buying a new/used Hyundai i10 Active .and think I am being conned over the price. the car has done only 45 miles but classed as used, so should be free of Vat. but my bill says basic price is 9,500 ( which is at odds with their price list ) +499 for mettallic paint am ending up paying well over 10,000 Sales man says their price lists are wrong, this cannot be true can it?.

Walk away and buy the City car of the year winner the Skoda Citigo - better value, better looking, better build, and won't depreciate half as much as a Hyundai.

hyundai are at it again all they do is copy other manufacturers that side panel= renault the fog lights= toyota led`s=mg get your own style hyundai or you will always be seen as second rate! you can do it the veloster for instance! this me also styling just does not cut it when design flair is abundant in every sector!

skoda are u mad? 4 wheeled squared tubbish nothing else
looks horrible feels horrible cheap dash and interior and drives horrible well done hyundai keep uo the good work

Looks like all the koreans, very asian 3rd world looking. 5k price tag yes, 8.5k, noooo thanks.

Lol, South Korea is certainly not a third world country. More first world than than the UK in many ways!!

I meant the car looks 3rd world, like some cheap thing you'd buy in indonesia or the phillipines, like the mitsubishi mirage or suzuki alto etc.

Not mad no, it is't the 2012 COTY and current best City car for nothing. Plus its damn good fun to drive.
You are obviously a troll.

Coming to the car park of every rest home near you soon.

But all cars in this class look this way, including euro models like the Up!/Citigo, C1/107 and Panda. I would say the new i10 is a smart all round car from Hyundai - and thats coming from someone who is not really a fan of the brand. I imagine it will find plenty of buyers.

no doubt it will- they will push their worthless warranty at people and discount it heavily. None of us have driven it yet, and i should really hope it does look better than the c1/aygo/107 - they are ancient things! Dont think VW/Skoda will be losing sleep over it tho.

Fact is though - whether you like it or not - Hyundai/Kia have given mainstream Euro manufacturers including VW/Skoda and the Japanese makers plenty to think about in recent times with what they offer. Don't you remember the story of VW boss Martin Winterkorn remarking on the impressive interior of the i30 back in 2011 when he sat in one at the Frankfurt motor show 2011?!

copycat vw+ford+renult= hyundai

Lol@worthless warranty. You are a VAG fanboy, and are 100% wrong. Hyundai-Kia vehicles are infinitely more reliable than VAG junk, keep believing the myth...

See what's covered by a Kiyaundai warranty after1 year, then see where you stand. Hyundai and Kia have both been very misleading and mean over their warrantys, 2 people I know have had to have clutches replaced on less than 1 year old cars, both under 3,000 miles, both times the Koreans have said NO, wear and tear, sorry. And it's not a VW Group myth about reliability, I've owned many cars, and the VW Group ones are infinitely better than anything coming from Korea.

Styling, perhaps (completely subjective of course) but nothing else you claim is correct. Almost every Up! I see has half of it's lights out, and have you seen those horrible 'pop out' rear windows on the 5 doors models?? Oh, drum brakes on the rear are not cool anymore by the way...

Have you looked at the shape of the up!/Citigo/Mii rear door shape? They have pop out windows because the shape of the doors doesn't allow for a window to wind down into the door. Well, if something ain't cool, then it has to be hot. Simple. You are obviously anti- VW Group. I am anti-koreans/Ford/Vauxhall/Fiat?jap. Oh, and I hate BMW with a passion too.