Hyundai i30 Tourer video: withstanding the playground

5 Jul, 2013 3:25pm Nathan Velayudhan

The Hyundai i30 Tourer is pushed to its limits in a junior school in this video

In this official Hyundai i30 Tourer video, a new generation of testers - located in a junior school in Buckinghamshire - put the car through an extreme durability test.

A panel of 25 children between the ages of 4 and 10 were selected from Holmer Green School, to see if the i30 Tourer could withstand the challenges of everyday family life. It comes after the i30 Hatchback was subjected to a similar unorthodox method of testing, at Knowsley Safari Park in 2012.

The i30 was parked in the school's playground, before the children - eight times as many that's found in the average UK family - were let loose.

The miniature testers employed their usual tactics; jumping on the seats with muddy wellies, dropping crisps, squashing bananas into fabrics and prodding every button in sight. The exterior of the i30 was also put to the test, enduring magnets and mud, while the bonnet was turned into a makeshift slide.

Hyundai i30 Tourer

But six hours later, after a quick clean-up, the i30 Tourer was driven out of the playground in mint condition. Hyundai has worked hard to ensure the design of the i30 is as child-proof as possible, with extra strong materials, easy-wipe plastics, tough fittings and special high-quality steel for the bodywork.

Hyundai UK's Product Planning Manager, Mark Baxter, said: "We wanted to see if the i30 Tourer really is a fully-suitable and durable family car - we thought that if it can withstand the tests of 25 kids, we could be confident that it would be tough enough for family life."

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The Hyundai I30 is only worth 37% of it's value after 3 years. Not good

"Mummy, Daddy, why don't you have a vanmobile like all they other boys and girls in my class"

Scandalous PR stunt.
Kids using words like, smooth, spacious, shiny, stylish, luggage space - that doesn't sound scripted does it?

Genius idea to get young kids being encouraged to act like hooligans at a festival site smearing $hit everywhere!
What's the point of that - test durability - yes good spin Hyundai. It's a restyled van with HU UU U U U GE chunky price tag for pete's sake!!

Now let's get feedback from the kids 'cause they know what they are talking about after they've been wired up with sugar and E-numbers urinating on the seats!! Parents will value their opinions.

No wonder the UK is going to pot, with a head-mistress encouraging yobbish behaviour and patting herself on the back convincing herself she's doing a good job.

...and in tomorrow's lesson, we will be throwing bricks through car windows to show "you" how to open a door when you forget your keys.

37% i don't think so they hold there value a lot more than your average Vauxhall which hold the crown for fast depreciation and like Kia the warranty is transferable between owners.

I got that info from a main Hyundai Garage in Stafford. The Vauxhall is 30-32 %. Most people don't ask what the car is worth after 3 years. I do and it could help sway which car you choose at the end of the day.

You sound like you read the daily mail.