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SEAT Ibiza front tracking
In-depth reviews

SEAT Ibiza review

The SEAT Ibiza is attractive to look at and good to drive. SEAT’s supermini also shares its mechanicals with the excellent Volkswagen Polo

Mazda 3 Fastback front tracking
In-depth reviews

Mazda 3 Fastback review

The Mazda 3 fastback offers practicality, style and costs no more than the hatchback version

Aston Martin Vanquish 2014 static
In-depth reviews

Aston Martin Vanquish review

The Aston Martin Vanquish is a beautifully-designed supercar with a storming 6.0-litre V12 engine

Audi A3 Saloon front cornering
In-depth reviews

Audi A3 Saloon review

The Audi A3 Saloon is an excellent handling and looking alternative to the Mercedes CLA

Aston Martin Rapide S 2014 action
In-depth reviews

Aston Martin Rapide S review

The Aston Martin Rapide S mixes sports car elegance with hatchback practicality, but it comes at a price

Kia Optima 2014 front
In-depth reviews

Kia Optima review

The Kia Optima is a stylish saloon that offers plenty of kit and a good drive, too

Citroen DS3 front tracking
In-depth reviews

Citroen DS3 review

The Citroen DS3 offers a fun drive, efficient engines and an array of personalisation options

Porsche 911 Turbo S front cornering
In-depth reviews

Porsche 911 review

The long-running Porsche 911 sports car is faster and more comfortable than ever

Volkswagen Touareg front tracking
In-depth reviews

Volkswagen Touareg review

The Volkswagen Touareg doubles as a capable off-roader and a luxurious family car – although it comes at a price

Jeep Grand Cherokee front
In-depth reviews

Jeep Grand Cherokee review

The Jeep Grand Cherokee offers immense off-road capability, powerful engines and keen pricing compared with rivals