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BMW Z4 front cornering
In-depth reviews

BMW Z4 review

The BMW Z4 blends an upmarket image with wind-in-the-hair roadster thrills

New BMW M2 Coupe UK - front tracking
In-depth reviews

BMW M2 Coupe review

Billed as the entry-level M car, the BMW M2 is fast and great to drive, but some hot hatch rivals are faster and cheaper

In-depth reviews

Audi S1 review

Audi S1 hot hatch has incredible all-wheel drive pace and a classy cabin, but it comes with a chunky price tag, too

Mercedes SLC roadster 2016 - front cornering
In-depth reviews

Mercedes SLC review

Mercedes has changed the name of its small cabriolet from SLK to SLC, but do the revisions go far enough?

Ford Transit Custom - front
In-depth reviews

Ford Transit Custom van review

The Ford Transit Custom van takes on the VW Transporter and Mercedes Vito, with a car-like cabin and greater safety

Audi A3 Sportback - front static
In-depth reviews

Audi A3 review

Audi’s premium family hatch offers strong efficiency, a decent drive and interior that's a class above the BMW 1 Series

Honda Civic Sport - front tracking
In-depth reviews

Honda Civic hatchback review

Marmite looks and a compromised package mean you've really got to want the latest Civic

Alfa Romeo Giulietta 2016 facelifted - front tracking 2
In-depth reviews

Alfa Romeo Giulietta review

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta is one of the prettiest hatchbacks around. It’s fun to drive too but quality and practicality issues let it down

Dacia Sandero
In-depth reviews

Dacia Sandero review

The Dacia Sandero is one of the UK’s cheapest new cars, with supermini space for less than most city cars

Suzuki Swift front cornering
In-depth reviews

Suzuki Swift review

The Suzuki Swift is a fun-to-drive supermini with a lot of charm, but it’s not the most practical choice