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Porsche Boxster
In-depth reviews

Porsche Boxster Convertible review (2004-2011)

Subtle updates have really helped keep the entry-level Boxster at the top of its game for a decade, and it remains a brilliant sports car

Audi TT
In-depth reviews

Audi TT Roadster review

The drop-top TT is beautifully designed and a great car to own. With a grippy chassis and superb cabin, It's our class leader

Mercedes-Benz SLK
In-depth reviews

Mercedes SLK review (2004-2011)

There's more to the SLK than its clever roof - it's fast, well designed and is a relaxed cruiser. However, it doesn't relish hard driving.

BMW 3-Series Coupe
In-depth reviews

BMW 3 Series Saloon review

The 3 Series Coupe has all the ingredients to remain the UK's biggest and best-selling coupe.

Mazda MX-5
In-depth reviews

Mazda MX-5 Convertible review

Mazda has done a great job with the MX-5. It is modern yet instantly recognisable, with more room, an improved ride yet still great handling. It has retained its sports car charms.

Volkswagen Golf
In-depth reviews

Volkswagen Golf review (2004-2008)

Expensive yet worth every penny, the Golf feels more upmarket and desirable than any rival. Comfort is a particular strong point.

Porsche 911
In-depth reviews

Porsche 911 Convertible review (2004-2011)

The 911 Turbo is an incredible piece of technology. It's the fastest-accelerating car Auto Express has ever tested, yet is as easy to live with as any other Porsche.

Volkswagen Touran
In-depth reviews

Volkswagen Touran review (2003-2010)

The Touran looks dull and won't fire up enthusiasts, but it's a fine family car. It's versatile and the strong cabin can handle anything.

Kia cee'd
In-depth reviews

Kia Cee'd review (2007-2012)

The Cee'd is a fine all-rounder. It's easy to see potential family hatch buyers being tempted by the package on offer

MINI Hatchback
In-depth reviews

MINI Cooper S review

Hardcore fan shouldn't dismiss the Cooper S as a town car. It is a superb entertainer and a great investment.