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Peugeot 308
In-depth reviews

Peugeot 308 review

Peugeot hasn’t moved the game on in as many areas as we’d hoped.

Skoda Octavia
In-depth reviews

Skoda Octavia review (2004-2008)

One of our favourites in the class, Octavia buyers won't be disappointed.

Ford Mondeo
In-depth reviews

Ford Mondeo Hatchback review

The latest Mondeo is the best family car money can buy.

Smart ForTwo
In-depth reviews

Smart fortwo review

The unique ForTwo is both impressive and flawed.

Dodge Avenger
In-depth reviews

Dodge Avenger Saloon review (2007-2009)

The Dodge looks striking, build quality is poor and it is expensive.

Jeep Wrangler
In-depth reviews

Jeep Wrangler 4x4 review

The Wrangler feels 20 years out of date.

Vauxhall Antara
In-depth reviews

Vauxhall Antara review

We’re disappointed with the Antara. Its abilities are limited – we expected better.

Hyundai Sonata
In-depth reviews

Hyundai Sonate Saloon review (2005-2011)

The big Hyundai is detached, dull and hard to recommend.

Hyundai i30
In-depth reviews

Hyundai i30 Estate review (2007-2011)

Top value alternative to mainstream compact family hatchbacks from Hyundai.

Daihatsu Materia
In-depth reviews

Daihatsu Materia MPV review (2007-2010)

The Materia looks unique, but the way it drives lets it down.