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BMW X5 4x4 review

The latest X5 remains a fine car, with a welcome increase in practicality.

Hyundai Coupe III
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Hyundai Coupe Coupe review (2002-2009)

The Hyundai promises much but fails to deliver. It’s not a well-rounded car.

BMW 1-Series
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BMW 1 Series Hatchback review (2004-2012)

The 1-Series has plenty of real-world appeal, despite high prices.

MINI Cooper D
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MINI Cooper D review

The MINI Cooper D is smooth, frugal, but not sporting enough.

Land Rover Defender
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Land Rover Defender review

The new Defender is the best yet. Great over any terrain, the on-road driving experience is more refined and great new interior revisions

SEAT Leon Cupra
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SEAT Leon Cupra review

Hot hatch fans shouldn’t ignore the Cupra. It has great acceleration and grip.

Ford Focus CC
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Ford Focus CC review (2006-2011)

Oh dear, Ford. The Focus CC comes across as a half-hearted effort that falls short in looks.

BMW 3-Series Convertible
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BMW 3 Series Convertible review

Great to drive, top up or down, the 3-Series is roomy, well built and has a brilliant roof.

Cadillac SRX
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Cadillac SRX 4x4 review

The SRX is has a high-quality cabin and is adept on twisty roads and motorways.

Honda Legend
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Honda Legend Saloon review (2006-2007)

The Honda is well equipped, but its anonymous styling counts against it, as do the limited practicality and disappointing engine and gearbox.