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MINI Convertible
In-depth reviews

MINI Convertible review (2004-2008)

The MINI is charming, but has an ugly and cumbersome roof design.

Fiat Bravo
In-depth reviews

Fiat Bravo Hatchback review

The new Bravo is a real revolution. It’s Fiat’s best offering for a long time.

Audi RS4
In-depth reviews

Audi RS4 Estate review (2006-2008)

The Audi RS4 makes every journey enjoyable and its performance is mind-blowing

MINI Cooper
In-depth reviews

MINI Cooper review

The Cooper has unique charm, low running costs – and is a hoot to drive.

Vauxhall Vectra estate
In-depth reviews

Vauxhall Vectra Estate review (2002-2008)

While huge, the Vectra estate can’t match the talents of its key rivals.

Ford C-MAX
In-depth reviews

Ford C-MAX MPV review (2007-2010)

The facelifted Ford brings an even higher quality to the market.

Nissan 350Z
In-depth reviews

Nissan 350Z Coupe review (2003-2010)

With bags of character, the 350Z is still one of our favourite coupes.

Mitsubishi i
In-depth reviews

Mitsubishi i review (2007-2009)

The i is clever and funky, but its steep list price counts against it.

Mercedes-Benz C-Class
In-depth reviews

Mercedes C-Class Saloon review

The latest C-Class is very able, but the final polish is missing

Audi TT Coupe
In-depth reviews

Audi TT Coupe review

Audi can rest easy - we can happily declare the TT as the best coupe in its price bracket