Jaguar C-X75 video review

17 Jul, 2013 10:57am

We get behind the wheel of the Jaguar C-X75 prototype, which can reach 0-60mph in under 3 seconds

In this video review we get behind the wheel of the Jaguar C-X75, which was first revealed at the Paris motor show in 2010. Originally meant as a celebration of all things Jaguar, the C-X75 features a four-cylinder turbo and supercharged engine, with nearly 900bhp output thanks to hybrid motors on the front and rear axle.

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We teamed up with Jaguar chassis guru Mike Cross, to take the C-X75 around Jaguar's testing circuit. Two prototypes were put on charge for 20 minutes beforehand to ensure that they delivered the full 880bhp.

On the straight, the C-X75 easily hit 198mph. Yet, for such an extreme machine, the ride was composed and the steering felt natural and light, akin to that of the normal road car.

Overall, the C-X75 reached 0-60mph in under 3 seconds, and 0-100mph in just 6 seconds. Sadly, it's set to remain an engineering project for now, but expect Jaguar to put what they've learnt into action with its future cars. Check the video review to find out more.

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le mans in a F-type?? that race would be an ideal place to stress test this technology before bringing it into production.

Didn't the original concept have a jet turbine instead of a 4-cylinder?

too bad the magazine doesn't pay you enough to afford a clean pair of jeans and shoes. ;)

just kidding :)

Jaguar. I have a great idea to
share with you..
How about you take one of
your v8's from the R division
and drop it into the CX's body
n chassis- minus some of the
exotic materials/ tech?
Absolutely love the super bike
engine wail though and love
the design- especially the blue
with black wheels! Personally, I
don't think the CX looks like
million dollar car to me..
Looks more like circa 200g
So, imagine. V8 lump pushing
round 600-650bhp to the
rears. Same body shape. 0-60
around the 3sec mark should
still be possible for the money-
Fez 458, Mac MP12. If Lambo
Aventador can do it for around
the quater mill mark then why
not Jaguar? Call it CX8, and
watch them fly out the door
whilst saving money on engine
development. Come on Jag..
Stop teasing and build the
damn thing already?
F-type's nice but, still not
enough of a halo car IMO!