Stunning Eagle Spyder GT completes reworked E-Type trilogy

16 Feb, 2016 12:40pm Lawrence Allan

Eagle announces a third, made-to-order edition to its bespoke modernised Jaguar E-Type range

The Jaguar E-Type is a classic car legend, but the specialist engineers at Eagle have made a name modernising the roadster for the 21st Century. Now, the East Sussex firm has launched the Spyder GT, which joins the famous Speedster and Low Drag GT in its range. 

Eagle, which has specialised in E-Types for three decades, describes its hand-built and unique restorations of the iconic 1960s roadster as "complete and compromise-free". Its latest effort, the Spyder GT, is designed to combine "the style and dynamics of the celebrated Eagle Speedster with the high performance touring capability" of the Low Drag GT.

The main difference between the Speedster and the Spyder is the addition of a proper folding roof. After all, if you're splashing out half-a-million quid you'd want to keep dry. The styling is subtly different too, but it remains, arguably, one of the prettiest designs on the road. Extremely limited numbers will be built, with Eagle calling it the "most exclusive hand-built car in the world". 

The all-aluminium Eagle GT is based on an original E-Type underneath but given a bespoke body, heavily revised chassis and more powerful engine. It's expected to get the same 345bhp 4.7-litre V8 as the Speedster and Low Drag. Expect it to cost over £500,000, however.

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