Jaguar considers four-cylinder F-Type

Jaguar F-Type R Coupe front tracking
28 Mar, 2014 5:54pm Michael Taylor

Senior Jaguar officials are open to fitting a four-cylinder engine, providing performance is sufficient

Jaguar’s engineers are investigating whether to fit the F-Type with a four-cylinder engine. Senior Jaguar officials this week admitted they were considering giving both the Coupe and Roadster four-cylinder power before the end of their current life cycles.

Though the F-Type Coupe is only now being launched in Spain with supercharged V6 and V8 power and a 186mph top speed, its Programme Director, Russ Varney, suggested a four-cylinder engine would make sense. 

“As long as we can deliver the character and performance we expect of the car, we would be open to a four cylinder,” Mr Varney admitted. “These days, I don’t think the engine configuration is important. It’s the power and the torque and the way it delivers them that’s important.”

Jaguar has a new turbocharged, direct injection four-cylinder engine under development, which is scheduled to arrive in September with the XE sedan at the Paris Motor Show. Mr Varney also admitted that its investigation of performance hybrid powertrains was ongoing, but was a lower priority for the F-Type than a smaller, conventional four-cylinder engine.

“We like the sound of any configuration of engine that gives 350bhp and it does not matter how many cylinders it uses to deliver that,” Mr Varney said. “As long as we can deliver an honesty and legitimacy about the performance of the F-Type, then we can use whatever powertrain we like. If it brings some other benefits, like lighter weight and lower consumption, then why would we not do it?”

There would be other significant advantages to a four-cylinder F-Type, besides weight, consumption and CO2 emissions: price. The base V6 F-Type Coupe is listed at £51,235, which is £7,285 below the Roadster, but that would drop well below the £50,000 mark for a four-cylinder model.


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The number of cylinders you need is inversely proportional to the length of your member in inches.

That's the way the whole industry is going, at least in Europe.

Before cutting cylinders how about cutting 300 kilos of "light-weight" aluminum so the 4 cylinders can be useful. Its handling prowess and lower weight would make it a more affordable dream machine.

It's already lighter than comparable front-engine cars, but a few kg off to compensate for fat drivers would do no harm.

4 cylinder may be ok for this car..... but Jaguar Please Please don't put a diesel engine !

Put a V12 in it...

Great... put the TwinAir in it.

Noooooo! 4 cylinder engines invariably lack character, regardless of power output.

No don't put a 4 in the F-Type, it would be underpowered.

What they need to do, is when the XE comes out, uses the drivetrain for that on a new sports car. A modern equivalent to the Triumph Spitfire / TR7 Drophead.

Then you could do a larger V6 of that as a modern day Triumph GT6 / TR6.