Jaguar XK 2014 range revealed with £10k price cut

22 Jan, 2014 12:01am Sam Naylor

A revamped Jaguar XK range has been revealed, with extra kit and a lower price tag

Jaguar is aiming to cash in on the success of the F-Type by rejigging its XK range and cutting prices.

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Portfolio spec has been axed, so there’s a choice of XK Signature and XK Dynamic R cars (the latter replacing the XKR) – sitting below the top-spec XKR-S – in coupé or convertible bodystyles. Each costs around £10,000 less than before.

The Dynamic R uses the same 503bhp 5.0-litre supercharged V8 as the XKR – meaning it gets incredible performance, but just 23mpg in economy - but now comes with the Black Dynamic Pack and the Speed Pack as standard.

These add stiffer, lowered suspension from the XKR-S and a bodykit and a n improved 174mph top speed respectively. Also included is a sports exhaust, along with new diamond-stitched seats.

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Meanwhile, the Signature gets Jaguar’s 380bhp 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 which produces 380bhp but rather than concentrate on mechanical changes, Jaguar has added some extra equipment, such as a reversing camera and a set of Luxury seats.

The Jaguar XK comes with a 330-litre boot and there are rear seats, but they are small and only really suitable for children. Plus, thanks to a CO2 output in the highest band, it’s very costly to keep on the road. It features a reversing camera and luxury seats. 

The new models are available with a choice of 20-inch alloys, and come in a selection of colours including British Racing Green, Italian Racing Red and Ultimate Black.

The XK Signature and XK Dynamic R are on sale now, ahead of first deliveries in March.

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