Jeep reveals Wrangler Trailcat with 697bhp supercharged V8

11 Mar, 2016 3:00pm Marc Betts

Crazy Hemi-engined Wrangler concept debuts alongside other new Jeeps at 50th Anniversary Easter Safari

Jeep has unveiled seven concept cars at the company’s headquarters to be displayed at the 50th Anniversary Easter Safari event in Utah - including the 697bhp Wrangler Hellcat teased earlier this week.

Details of the Trailcat Wrangler have been released, with the wheelbase being stretched by 12 inches to fit the massive 6.2 litre supercharged Hemi V8 producing 697bhp. The windshield has been chopped, creating a sleeker look and huge 39.5inch tires have been added. Inside, carbon fibre seats have borrowed from the Dodge Viper. 

No performance figures have been revealed for the Trailcat, and there's no production intent as yet -it's been designed to show the potential a modified Wrangler could offer.

Jeep also revealed the rest of the concepts ahead of its anniversary event. There was the Jeep Crew Chief, a shorter bodied Wrangler designed to showcase the classic styling of service Jeeps from the 1950s.

A number of other modified Wranglers also debut, including the Trailstorm which debuts Jeep's Performance parts range and is a car you can essentially 'build yourself'. There is also a Renegade-based pick-up, called the Jeep Comanche, which gets military styling details and a six-foot loadbay.

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