KTM X-BOW Clubsport

23 Sep, 2009 10:41am

Bigger engine means radical KTM X-Bow now has straight line speed to match dynamic handling.


The Clubsport X-BOW is a beautifully engineered and very accomplished track car. The upgraded suspension and optional cut slick tyres improve the handling and with the £5,300 engine upgrade performance is scintillating. However, in the trim we tested the total price is a considerable £67,206, which is a lot for a pleasure car that can never be anything other than a motoring big boys toy.

Having launched its radical road legal track day machine into a global recession, KTM has been an unlucky victim of poor timing. As a result sales of the X-BOW have been slow and production has stopped for a few months. Nonetheless, with five different models in the line-up and plenty of opportunity to spec and fine-tune your car from the options list, they are certainly offering plenty of choice to the wealthy petrol head buyer.

And the new Clubsport is the latest string in its Bow! Fitted with performance suspension, which allows for adjustment of damper settings, pushrods and anti-roll bars it gives you racecar levels of fine tuning. As a result the newcomer is incredibly well sorted on track, and feels far more accomplished than the standard model we drove last year.

Our car was fitted with £733 Toyo cut slick tyres, which also help to generate the huge levels of grip that make the Clubsport so fast. In slow corners traction is superb and with no body movement and aerodynamically generated down force its high speed cornering ability is amazing.

Not only that with famed German tuner ABT Sportsline having worked it’s magic - our cars Audi engine had a 300bhp output. A 63bhp increase over the standard Clubsport this option costs an extra £5,300 but it gives the X-BOW the straight line pace to match its handling prowess.

With the £1,417 sports exhaust fitted the engine was also a fraction more tuneful and yet it’s still quiet enough to get passed the strict noise regulations on UK track days.

Key specs

* Price: £59,755
* Engine: 2.0-litre Audi TFSI
* Power: 237bhp (300bhp with ABT upgrade)
* Weight: 805kg
* 0-62mph: 3.9secs
* Top speed: 137mph