Range Rover Evoque Convertible

6 Mar, 2012 12:27pm Sam Hardy

The new Evoque Convertible has been unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

We told you last year that Land Rover was planning an Evoque Convertible – and here are the amazing official pictures to prove it.

The new Evoque Concvertible is the star of the company’s Geneva Motor Show stand. The new drop-top may be coyly called a ‘concept’, but it’s really our first look at the production version, which could go on sale in early 2013.

Video: Watch our video of the Evoque Convertible at Geneva

The Evoque, current Auto Express Car of the Year, has been a huge success story for Land Rover and the company has been looking at ways to extend sales beyond the three-door Coupe and five-door hatchback models. This Convertible is it.

While it may not be the world’s first open-topped SUV – Nissan put the Murano CrossCabriolet on sale in the US last year – it should be the best-looking.

Based on the three-door Coupe, it retains all of the standard car’s design cues – such as a dramatic rising waistline – and simply adds a fully retractable canvas roof, metallic Causeway Grey paint and unique 21-inch Titan silver alloy wheels.

Inside, the concept is very well equipped with leather seats, surround cameras, an eight-inch touchscreen and a Meridian sound system.

The tonneau cover features sporty buttresses, while classic Range Rover features have been integrated into the design too, including a drop-down tailgate.

The fact that Land Rover has already developed a Roll Over Protection System (ROPS)  shows you just how close to the showroom this project is.

With Terrain Response included, Land Rover claims the Evoque Convertible retains the kind of off-road ability the company is famous for, while it says the structural changes made have had limited impact on weight and rigidity.

That said, adding extra chassis strengthening to cope with the loss of the roof will inevitably mean the Convertible weighs more and isn’t as stiff.

While an open-topped model is sure to be most popular in markets such as the US, the Evoque Convertible will be a big hit in the UK, offering an alternative to conventional premium-badged drop-tops such as the BMW 3 Series Convertible.

Expect the production version to sit at the top of the range with only the most powerful petrol and diesel engines, priced from around £40,000.

In addition, a special edition Evoque produced with assistance from official design consultant Victoria Beckham will be revealed later this year.

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...for anyone that can take such a good looking "SUV" and make it look that ugly with one stroke of a pen!

Another great looking car from LR, the are filling all the niches they can to continue the roll the company is on, this will sell in bucketloads, good luck to them..... wish i could afford one

Surely tater must be an oxymoron? Comecon, he can any vehicle manufacturer seriously employ a dimwitted anorexic wag as an automotive stylist?

I really want to dislike this car and dismiss it as a chav wagon... but I can't help loving Range Rover's innovation and flair. It's a motorway car, a sports car, a 4x4 and a full four seater all in one... all the car you'll ever need! Hate to think how small the boot is though...

Very nice!

please god no.....

Expect Katie Price to have one of these as soon as its launched. Its a bit like her in many ways, pretty to look at, too much money and ultimately pointless... but we'd all secretly like a go in one.

An impressive effort. Despite losing the ugliest and most ridiculous roof in production it still looks like it is on a playstation. What a good job the dumbos who buy these rubbish cars don't know any better.

It looks much more like a Freelander Mk1 convertible than an Evoque. Somehow, LR have managed to lose all the sexiness of the Evoque and ended up with an even dumpier version of the original donor Freelander. I think they need to wave their magic wand rapidly and convert this Princess Fiona back from an ogre to a fairy princess somehow.


Great looking car. Land rover are on a real roll at the moment!

Just when I thought the Evoque was the ugliest car on the road they excel themselves with this. Still, there is one improvement…at least with the roof off it no longer looks like it's been trodden on and squashed flat.

What an amazing looking car. My only worry is it will win the Chav wagon 2012 award. Every self respecting WAG will have one as well.

...because, let's face it, that's how it will be driven for at least 9 months out of the year in the UK!

A great development from Land Rover, the archetypical British company now owned by an Indian organisation. Would be nice to see a 'hood-up' pic though! LR produce some amazing vehicles, pity that the original Rover company which started it all isn't still doing the same.

Evoque's are garbage. There are plenty new ones broken in dealerships and they cant fix them. Just like all Landrover products- unreliable junk - i should know, i fix them for a living!
Save your money and buy something else or end up driving courtesy cars for the next 3 years!

Or it'll end up being mistaken for a skip.

Ding Dong, I say................ what a stunner! sign me up for one of these or at least for the news letter!!? LR are getting better and better with their modesl just need to revamp the Freelander!!

Lord that is just awful!

If anyone comes to me asking for a lease on one of these they are going to end up making me some serious money, because if I have to be partly responsible for putting any on the road then I am going to charge like a bull in a china shop.

Horrible, just absolutely horrible.

I still don't get why it took a third world car maker buying JLR to make it a success?

Why do people keep going on about JLR being Indian owned when one of their cars is talked about ? Land Rover is as British as Mercedes is German. Mercedes is owned by International shareholders, 40% of them by a middle Eastern wealth fund. Both companies products are designed and engineered at their home bases.

Removing the roof has had the same effect as standing behind a magician whilst doing his tricks: all the magic has dissapeared and left us de-mesmerised and realising it was just a Freelander after all......

it needs is a better engine built and developed at JLR's new engine plant and the KERS system developed by Williams F1 ... it will smash anything coming from germany

How close are we to April 1st?

Will it fly in the U.S.? Nope! Will it be an alternative to a 3 Series? Not a chance! Star at Geneva? Are you kidding?! Are Autoexpress - once again - digging for brown-nose points from their bread and butter? Hell yes!

Stupid idea, no sustainable buyers. I'll bet it all most of the supporters here - even if they really have the money - won't commit when it comes time to actually reach in their pockets. When they really have to think about owning one and driving it daily, they will finally find their lust was misplaced. It would just be too embarrassing to be seen in this wagon. And, yeah! Where is the top-up pic? Bet that's real flattering.

This does-it-all does nothing but look stupid.

@ jfalk.......you speak for gays do you??
Is "a dramatic rising waistline" just code for a re-hash of the ugly boring flying wedges of the 70's that Alfa fell on its sword over?? Tubby is as tubby was. Now JLR is completely lost in no-man's land as well. With a roof, its a pseudo bush basher, a SUV [whatever that is], an alternative to a 3 series, a 4 seater [WOW], a sports car anyone?? Its yet again one of those completely unfathomable-to-purpose vehicles being flooded onto the market. The Germans are brilliant.......at gouging, finding completely non-existent niches, then fighting over them as though the wheel had been reinvented, and charging obscene money for not much more than ordinary cars in the scheme of things. Now JLR have done the dumbest thing, following them. 40grand for a drop-top tub is real rich too. This, sadly, is yet another example of a vehicle supposedly designed as one thing, trying to wear three other hats, and failing miserably at all of them. Is the X5 a sports car?? No more than the Elise is used as german taxis!!!

Quote of the year from skyliner38; -

"There are plenty new ones broken in dealerships and they cant fix them. - i should know, i fix them for a living!"

Time to find a new job then?

Starting to see a lot of Evoque's in London and it will sell as a convertible the image is spot on..

It sells, so why not?

There's enough moaning that other (Mostly German) comapnies try for every niche avaliable and make loads of money.

Why shouldn't JLR do the same?

all together now... how much of an absolute PLONKER do i look like in this? imagine sitting in the back, even in the front. good god, what is going wrong with the car industry? next we'll have a Pick-up, then a countryman, then a van, then a hearse, then a crew-cab, then a dune buggy, then an off-roader...HAH, AN OFF-ROADER??? NO, PLEASE NO...

There's a certain type of person who'll buy one of these and it's been mentioned earlier.

Have to take issue with the 'all in one sports car, 4x4 etc...' comment earlier though.

Sports car? Seriously? How many sports cars do you know of that you have to step down to get out of? Sure they may be fast in s straight line as they have huge engines in them - so do american cars.....would you call them sports cars?


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