Heavily modified Range Rover Sport Coupe revealed

8 Jan, 2014 5:31pm Jonathan Burn

London-based car modifier launches coupe version of the Range Rover Sport, priced from £150,000

British car modifier Bulgari Design has got its hands on the Range Rover Sport and transformed the popular off-roader into a two-door coupe. Usually, these modified cars are just one-off projects but Bulgari intends to produce 100 Range Rover Sport Coupes.

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The customised Range Rover Sport retains the familiar profile and chunky lines as the standard model but is fitted with a far more aggressive bodykit and black alloy wheels. More noticeably, the Range Rover Sport Coupe does away with the rear doors.

Bulgari Design also provides a bespoke customisation programme to all Coupe buyers, allowing customers to tailor their cars to their own individual taste. Better still, despite the radical overhaul, the Coupe is still accepted at Land Rover dealerships for necessary servicing and comes with a full three-year warranty.

Two engines will be offered in the Coupe, with the 510bhp 5.0-litre V8 expected to be the most popular. It will also be available with the SDV6 3.0-litre diesel engine for various world markets.

While a price has not been set, expect the Coupe to cost in excess of £150,000. The model will be available to buy through nominated independent Land Rover dealerships worldwide, with first deliveries expected in the coming months.

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Did they not just start with the 2 door? Would surely be easier.

Always thought there should be a coupe version of one of the large Range Rovers for the same reason GT coupes like the Merc CL exist. Some people want high style, luxury, exclusivity, and want to demonstrate a disregard for practicality. I wish the factory would do a proper coupe as a design flagship.

Hey, this is just like the original 1972 Range Rover. Just without all that class and subtlety.

Apart from thinking both the idea is fantastic and price is just right for this target group of clients I think that Bulgari or whoever made them should have ensured better backgrounds for its preview photo shots!

Looks like they were taken in the backyard of dear Arthour Daley - Used Car Dealer under the Arches!

Over to you publishers and editors for being more discerning in future for such photos!

Quality of the photos are not really premium! Why not?

Yes - very much so! The original Range Rover with V8 engine etc was with huge 2 doors and mostly in moss green way back in 1970.

I was at Jaguar Germany and we got 2 of the first for TÜV testing and trials.

No longer an off-roader with that bod kit