Driver Power 2013: The UK's best car makers

Lexus badge
1 May, 2013 11:14am

Lexus has been named best manufacturer in a survey of 46,000 owners

The top car makers have been revealed in the Auto Express Driver Power Survey 2013, with Lexus knocking Skoda off the top slot, ending Skoda's four years as UK's favourite car maker.

We polled more than 46,000 Auto Express readers to find out what is Britain's best car to own. Last week, we revealed that the Skoda Yeti was voted the as the UK's favourite car, and this week we rank the brands behind the models.

Lexus and Skoda swap places from last year's results, with Jaguar, Mazda and Mercedes rounding out the top fivein 2013. Smart finished bottom of our poll, in 32nd place.

For the full story on Britain's best and worst car makers, check out the latest issue of Auto Express, on sale now. For the full results of the Driver Power Survey 2013, see the special May issue of Auto Express.

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The intrinsic pointlessness (I nearly said uselessness) of this sort of survey is demonstrated graphically here. You might as well compare corned beef with fillet steak. For amusement only and not very much amusement at that!

I guess you drive a car from a brand that fared less favourably with the consumers.

Naturally but with no problems at all. Really, Lexus versus Skoda! The sales volumes will be wildly different and the proportion of drivers who respond to this survey is utterly unpredictable. It is likely to be split between fanboys and curmudgeons not to mention various attempts to influence the outcome one way or another. As said before, "for amusement only".

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Lexus service is amazing. Everywhere you go, everyone you speak to, Lexus owners are very happy and the dealers are the best around. A big win for Lexus. And the new F Sport models look great!