Maserati two-seater sports car likely in 2016

10 May, 2013 11:21am Mat Watson

Small Maserati sports car looks increasingly likely, according to its chief

A new two-seater mid-engined Maserati sports car is looking increasingly likely and it could arrive by 2016, Auto Express can reveal.

Company boss Harald J Wester has previously mentioned the possibility of such a car. However, Giulio Pastore, Gengeral Manager for Maserati Europe has given the greatest hint yet of the vehicle’s pending arrival.

He said: “We don’t want to lose the identity of sportiness for Maserati. There will be the new GranCabrio and GranTurismo in 2015 and the year after that we are thinking of a new smaller sports car.”

It is widely acknowledged the car will be mid-engined, but Pastore revealed it would not be based on the Alfa 4C as has previously been speculated. He explained: “It would require us to create a more sporty, all-new body for Maserati.”

This new sports car would be a strict two-seater and be smaller in size to the next GranTurismo, which itself could shrink to become a two-plus-two-seater for improved dynamics.

Exactly where the car would sit in the range has yet to be confirmed. One thing is clear though – it will be the sportiest Maserati available as Pestore revealed the firm isn’t also planning to build a hypercar based on the Ferrari La Ferrari, in the same way it had the Enzo-based MC12.

The success of the new Quattroporte and forthcoming Ghibli are key to the new sports car project getting the go-ahead. And things are looking promising. Quattroporte sales of 6,100 so far this year are already well ahead of budget and suggest Maserati’s bold plans to sell 50,000 cars worldwide by 2015 could well be achievable.