Mazda MX-2 Revealed

30 Jun, 2009 5:34pm Alex Goy

Mazda's secret new roadster revealed

This is Mazda’s version of a downsized, credit-crunch friendly MX-5, the MX-2.

Our illustration shows what the MX-2 is likely to look like. You can see that the Furai concept will have a strong influence in the design, while a hint of Ferrari California is also present in the headlamps.

Because the MX-2 is smaller than the MX-5 it will come equipped with smaller engines. Small capacity petrol engines ranging from 0.7 to 1.6-litres will get the MX-2 moving, while a range-topping 1.6-litre turbo pushing out an expected 160bhp. Combine that with low weight, and the MX-2 will embarrass more expensive machines with ease.

The Mini Speedster and Nissan Urge may be at design and concept stage now, but they’ll be keeping the dinky Mazda on its toes.

An insider has hinted that the MX-2 will be upon us as soon as 2012, so we can expect to see a concept reflecting the ‘downsized roadster’ very soon.