Mazda Hazumi concept teased

21 Feb, 2014 8:50am Jonathan Burn

The Mazda Hazumi concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show, a likely preview to the next-generation Mazda 2

Mazda has teased its upcoming concept, the Hazumi, which is set to make its public debut at the Geneva Motor Show in the coming weeks. Although not confirmed, the concept is likely to be the Japanese manufacturer’s first steps into previewing the next-generation Mazda 2.

The teaser image gives little away other than styling cues from the recently introduced Mazda 3 will be adopted. A similar grille and headlight arrangement can be seen, which tails off along the sculpted flank.

• Geneva Motor Show 2014 preview

In Japanese, ‘Hazumi’ means ‘spring up’ or ‘bound’, which Mazda claims is ‘well-suited to a small car that appears to be bursting with energy.’ It’s likely the next-gen Mazda 2 will use a shortened version of the CX-5’s platform and be offered with brand’s latest SkyActiv engine tech.

Alongside the Hazumi concept, Mazda will also debut it’s newly developed small capacity diesel motor, the SkyActiv-D 1.5. It’s possible this engine could also be offered in the new Mazda 2 when it’s launched later next year.

More details on the new diesel engine and Hazumi concept will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show, which kicks off on 4 March.