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  • Side view of Mazda 3
    Long-term tests

    Mazda 3

    28 Sep, 2005

    Whoever coined the phrase "less is more" obviously struck a chord at Mazda. A decade ago, the company was aiming high in the numbers game with its 323 - a car I proudly run in my spare time.

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    Mazda weighs into nip ruck over advert

    31 Aug, 2005

    Viewers are finding the latest Mazda 5 television campaign 'surprisingly stimulating' - so much so, that more than 300 complaints about it have been submitted to the Advertising Standards Authority.

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    Members-only MX-5 a hit

    9 Aug, 2005

    How would you get yourself to the head of the queue for a desirable new car? Buyers keen to snap up the latest Mazda MX-5 have realised there is an easy way to push in at the front - join the official Owners Club.

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    MX-5 prices announced

    3 Aug, 2005

    Mazda's all-new MX-5 goes on sale in November from £15,600 for the entry-level 1.8-litre 124bhp version.

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    Fresh Mazda shows its face

    26 Jul, 2005

    Take a look at Mazda's revised 6, seen here in estate form. The Japanese firm has facelifted the entire range, which is available now for only a small price hike.

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    MX-5 Diesel Gets Go-ahead

    29 Jun, 2005

    Hardcore fans of the MX-5 will be shocked - a diesel version of the new Mazda is on the way! However, it's not all bad news for purists; they will be the first to get their hands on a special restricted-availability launch model.

  • Long-term tests

    Mazda 3

    28 Jun, 2005

    Double trouble! That's what we've encountered in recent weeks as the Mazda 3 became the second car on our fleet to require a new rear bumper.