McLaren P1: New pictures

26 Sep, 2012 9:14am Damion Smy

New pictures of the successor to the legendary McLaren F1 have been released, ahead of the Paris show

McLaren has released more pictures of the P1 concept, including some shots of the car's retractable rear spoiler.

It shares the original project name of the nineties legend and is set to take on the next generation of hypercars – from the Ferrari Enzo successor to the Porsche 918 Spyder. And it will be built right here in the UK.

But before you get too excited by the crazy looks, it’s worth pointing out that McLaren has called the P1 a ‘design study’ that’s supposed to preview the production version that’ll be on the roads late next year. But judging by spy shots we’ve seen, the production car won’t look too much different from this.

A regional director for McLaren hinted that only 500 P1s will be built, and McLaren told us that we should expect a price tag of less than one million Euros.

The P1 follows McLaren’s philosophy of ‘innovation, integration of Formula One technology, and ultimate performance’. McLaren boss Ron Dennis has even gone so far as to say that the P1 will be “the most technologically advanced supercar”.

But if that sounds like the Bugatti Veyron Supersport is about to lose its crown as the fastest production car in the world, think again. McLaren Automotive Managing Director, Anthony Sheriff, said: “Our aim is not to be best in top speed, but to make the quickest, most rewarding series production car on a track.”

The company is keeping most details under wraps for now, but rumours suggest adaptive suspension, a carbon fibre monocoque and a 1,000bhp version of the McLaren MP4-12C’s twin-turbo V8, complete with an F1- derived KERS hybrid system. Expect a 0-62mph time of less than three seconds and a top speed around 239mph.

The design follows similar lines to the Ferrari 458-rivalling 12C, but it’s wider, which will improve stability and cornering. The lack of an obvious spoiler suggests active aerodynamics, which reduces drag in a straight line, while increasing grip during high-speed cornering.

There are no details for the interior, but unlike the F1 – which had a three-seat cockpit – the P1 will be a two-seater.

Buyers will reportedly be able to place orders at the Paris Motor Show, before the production version is shown next year. Deliveries are due at the end of 2013.