McLaren 675LT JVCKenwood concept at CES 2016

7 Jan, 2016 10:30am Lawrence Allan

McLaren shows off high-tech 675LT concept with digital cockpit at US Consumer Electronics Show

McLaren is determined not to be outdone by the striking BMW i8 concept at CES 2016 and has displayed this 675LT upgraded by JVCKenwood to fight for the supercar limelight at the show. The Woking-built machine gets a number of styling and tech upgrades for the show highlighting features that may soon arrive in McLaren production cars.

Collaborating with JVCKenwood, the Japanese electronics company, McLaren took a prototype example of the now sold-out 675LT and set about installing a 'Caroptronics' system. It includes an advanced head-up display that shows vital information, and can even highlight the presence of other vehicles.

The concept also takes a leaf out of BMW's book, replacing the door and rear mirrors with cameras that feed a central display at the top of the windscreen. The existing steering wheel has also been chucked out in favour of the one from the McLaren P1 GTR, with buttons controlling the head-up display installed on it. 

There is no production intent with this technology as yet, with McLaren and JVCKenwood simply using the car as a technical showcase to show what can be done. Perhaps in five years time, we may see something similar hit the market.

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