McLaren P1 interior revealed

12 Feb, 2013 1:00pm Luke Madden

First official pictures of the McLaren P1 supercar's race-inspired interior

McLaren has revealed the first interior pictures of its P1 supercar, showcasing a driver-focused, lightweight and race-inspired cockpit.

The uncluttered centre console has buttons for the gearbox, suspension and traction control settings, as well as controls for the climate control but very little else. As with the 12C, a lot of the infotainment will be controlled through a vertically mounted touchscreen.

The instrument cluster is now completely digital and only displays the information needed by the driver. Depending on which mode theP1 is in, the display will change to include information like an F1-inspired gearshift indicator.

It’s not the usual cramped cabin you find in some supercars, either, with a huge windscreen that boosts visibility and a sunroof to help brighten up the interior.

Despite the luxurious amenities like sat-nav, and the light and airy feel, McLaren is keen to point out how focused the P1 really is. Most interior surfaces remain uncovered to save weight, revealing the carbon fibre beneath. There’s no shiny lacquer coat on top of the carbon fibre surfaces, either, which saves 1.5kg in total.

To give you an idea of just how focused the P1 is, McLaren has even removed all interior sound deadening and will only include carpet if you ask for it. Even then, it’s fitted with a special lightweight backing.

Racing seats weigh just 10.5kg each and can be moved back and forth but are fixed at a reclining angle of 28 degrees. If you’re going to be wearing a helmet they can be moved to 32 degrees to free up a little more headroom. The height of the seat is customised for the owner and a passenger. Six-point harnesses can be added in addition to the usual seatbelts.