McLaren P1 top speed and performance specs

21 Oct, 2013 1:00pm Paul Bond

The McLaren P1 will go from 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds and on to a top speed of 217mph

Official performance figures for the 903bhp McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar have been revealed, just as the first examples rolled off the production line at the company’s technical HQ in Woking, Surrey.

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Thanks to its highly-tuned 3.8-litre twin-turbo V8 and electric motors, the rear-wheel drive McLaren P1 will accelerate from 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds, 0-124mph in 6.8 seconds and 0-186mph in 16.5 seconds. That last figure is 5.5 seconds quicker than the legendary McLaren F1 and about the same as a standard Bugatti Veyron.

The upgraded Veyron Super Sport is about two seconds faster thanks to its four-wheel drive system and two extra turbos. The top speed for the P1 stands at an electronically limited 217mph. Carbon ceramic brake discs coated in silicon carbide can bring the P1 to a standstill from 62mph in just 30.2 metres or 2.9 seconds - about seven metres less than your average family saloon.

McLaren has yet to set a lap at the famous Nurburgring Circuit in Germany, after the Porsche 918 Spyder set a lap record of 6 minutes and 57 seconds which was filmed and shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in September and the Ferrari LaFerrari has also been spied attempting a lap time, even though the brand has not yet revealed what time it achieved.

Prospective buyers can plug their P1 into a household charging socket and top up the lithium-ion batteries for an electric-only range of around 6.8 miles, which contributes to the P1’s 34.0mpg official economy figure - but if you are tempted to use the volcanic power of the engine then expect that to fall rapidly towards the low teens.

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Still, its 194g/km CO2 emissions figure is the same as that of a Ford S-MAX 2.0 EcoBoost. The P1's main rivals - the Ferrari LaFerrari and Porsche 918 Spyder - are at opposite ends of the scale when it comes to efficiency, with the 918's more complicated hybrid system returning just 70g/km of C02 and the non plug-in Ferrari managing a rather less impressive 330g/km on the official cycle.

McLaren also released more details about the P1’s build process, revealing that it takes 82 technicians 17 days to complete just one car. Just painting the aerodynamic carbon body takes three days alone, and the majority of customers are choosing to personalise their cars courtesy of the company's Special Operations division, who will create bespoke parts to meet virtually any demand of a buyer.

Only 375 P1s will be produced, all of which will be left-hand drive – and each costs £866,000, however as yet it's not entirely sold out.

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So it's the same performance as an Aventador yet four times the price? Plus the Aventador can be had in right hand drive... yeah the P1 is pure willy waving at it's best I guess? I'd rather get the Pagani for that though as it's better looking and more dramatic IMO.

Now is a good job ;))

Im sure the P1 will run circles round the Aventador on the track though and for the local few, down your local b-road.

The Aventador isnt exactly known for its on road manners. The Lambo isnt exactly a track car either.

I know its not the be all, but whats the Lambos ring time?

You can't complain at the cost really how much is the new Lambo (the Aventador in a fancy frock) £3mill?

I don't know that we should be talking about ring times - they're clearly having trouble beating the 918's time, which is interesting considering that it's less powerful and a fair old chunk heavier.

Regardless of ring time, this is the new 'pin-up' of Hyper-cars. Think it looks great!!!

So it puts lots of heat out of the back whilst keeping the middle cool and plugs into the wall? Could this be the world's fastest (and best looking) fridge?