Mercedes Ener-G-Force

28 Nov, 2012 8:43pm Damion Smy

Pictures and details of the Mercedes Ener-G-Force concept, following its LA Motor Show debut

Mercedes has unveiled its radical Ener-G-Force concept at the Los Angeles Motor Show.

The striking SUV has been developed for the LA Design Challenge, and previews a bold new look and cutting-edge technology for the next G-Class, due in 2015.

Mercedes describes the Ener-G-Force as a “Highway Patrol Vehicle 2025”. It has an intimidating look, but bears a clear resemblance to the current G-Class, with the front grille, wing-mounted indicators and LED headlamp designs in the shape of a ‘G’ all paying tribute to the existing car.

There’s loads of ground clearance, while a short windscreen adds to the imposing stance. Dramatic off-road cladding around the wheelarches and sills enhances the imposing stance, and there are three-section side windows in the G-class tradition.

Completing the look are narrow tail-lamps and a small rear windscreen, plus there’s a pull-out toolbox in the tailgate storage section, which is styled to look like a traditional spare wheel holder.

Under the skin, the Ener-G-Force is equally radical, with a hydrogen fuel cell powering motors in each wheel hub.

Mercedes says the car has a range of nearly 500 miles, with hydrogen stored in roof-mounted water tanks which feed water to a ‘hydro-tech convertor’. The electric energy they provide is then stored in the Ener-G-Force’s sculpted side skirts.

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I wonder how hydrogen is stored in water tanks that feed water to a converter. Full nonsense.

Rather good looking in a gross sort of way.

I'm sure the handling will be improved (not) by the water fuel's mass on the roof.

At a kilo per litre (pound per pint) I can hear the water sloshing and the tyres screeching as I take the first corner...

Sure as a kid I had a Tonka toy similar to this? I want one!

Mercedes make this vehicle, Pleeassssseeee

Looks great Mercedes, build it as is. Or, put Petrol or Diesel engines in, but outside looks good.

Now I got it, how it works the hydrogen bit. It doesn't. But the truck is sparking hot, Hummer on acoctail of steroids, xtc and viagra, Now if mercedes leave the hydrogen converter in their toyshop and put the v8 diesel they are ready for the showroom.

I think the SUV craze has gone far past the point where it should of stopped

And having all your weight on the hubs is going to leave a lot of unsprung weight on the rest of the car. And given 1 litre of water weighs 1kg and that's going to stored on the roof? Cat B before it makes it to the dealers I reckon

And they're still gong on about Hydrogen? I thought they'd given up on that money pit after realising you use more electricity to process the hydrogen (before storage, transport etc), would have to bankrupt the western world for the infrastructure, couldn't make a suitable on-board container and got most of the stock from natural gas.


The hydrigen idea is not that futile. It is not an energy source, it is an energy carrier. Of course splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen takes more energy than the hydrogen will produce but this is not the point. Electrical energy is next to useless for mobile applications because there are no proper storage devices as yet. So if energy produced by any means can be stored into a liquid or gas carrier this solves the problem with fossile fuels.

Surely we are all too grown up for this sort of adolescent nonsense! Oh please! What a hideous lump of irrelevance.

The Tonka has been modernized. I want one!