MG Icon revealed

23 Apr, 2012 11:05am Luke Madden

The Juke-rivalling MG Icon concept has made its debut at the Beijing Motor Show

MG Motor has unveiled the Icon at the Beijing Motor Show; a Juke-rivalling SUV concept thought to hint at a production model for the brand.

The four-seater was designed by Brit Tony Williams and his team at parent company's SAIC's HQ in Shanghai. It gets plenty of old MG styling cues, including MGB-inspired vertical daylight running lights, MGB GT-inspired external hinges on the tailgate and an interior inspired by the MG TA.

It's based on the SAIC ZP platform that also underpins the MG3 supermini, and a roadster version could also be on the cards.

We were told that the MG Icon is likely to become part of MG's plans for the future, but don't expect to see it on the road until at least 2015.

Before then, the firm will release the MG3 supermini and MG5 family hatch in 2013 and 2014 respectively.

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If MG do bring out this model as suggested, this could do a lot for the company. The new owners of MG need to remember that their models need to be sporty to be successful in this country.

And the front of it actually looks a bit like a MGB!

This is a cross breed between Mini and Juke and it looks hideous.

Are MINI all set to sue/ They should do :o)

Who would want to be seen in one?

Juke copying more like. Haven't Chinese manufacturers got into trouble in the past for producing carbon copies of existing models?
And it's still ugly.

Not too keen on the overall shape, but I love the MG retro styling details. If the saloon shared the same details as this instead of being a bland jelly mould i would have bought one.

Any car made in China cannot be an MG!

I would agree but we've got Rolls Royces with German engines, BMW build the mini, it's a global market now. I'm just glad MG is back but think there should be more products like this, not bland hatchbacks.

You are right about Rolls, Mini and the same can be said of Bentley and they are all top quality designed and built in England not Germany and certainly not China!

Volvo p180 hatch,Nissan Juke flanks, Evoque roofline and oh look a Mini on the front. i don't suppose the above four companies would think that imitation is the sincerest for of flattery, not in this case. Come on MG lets have something totally original from you otherwise you will be overlooked by the car buying public and I can hear people saying in a few short years," I thought MG had made a comeback, must have missed it We don't need cheap foreign copies we want" ORIGINALITY

That's how I know aside high up head lights (Juke) and with oval chrome surrounds (Mini). These two are nothing like this MG prototype. The Juke has a completely different profile and rear end, the Mini Countryman is just an up scaled Mini. And the front looks a bit MGB. As for the design, they get hammered for being bland and now hammered for being bold. Sometimes I think if it's not German we'll knock for the sake of it. Give them a break!

MG Icon sketches? Great! As long as that is where they remain - on the sketchboard.

I have yet to see the latest MG model within 50 miles of my home town, nearly a year after its launch.
BMW bought the Mini brand and improved on it.
S. A. I. C. bought MG and have killed it.

I have to agree with comments above. This is a Juke copy. Only the Juke looks like this in shape, and thats not a pretty thing either! Just like the MG3 looks like a Fabia, another ugly car imho.

Loved the MG ZR/ZS/ZT range and would love to see the MG name on the roads again, but the new range hasn't shown anything worth considering.

I feel they need to do what Hyundai and Kia have done with i30 and C'eed. Design from fresh a good car and build their reputation like Hyundai/Kia are doing.

MG goes from bad to worse. There is no customer base for this brand in the UK any more. All the OAPs, librarians and geography teachers who used to have Rovers are now buying Toyotas, Hyundais and Skodas. People who want a sporty or aspirational car aren't going to choose an MG, so who is left?

Love this car - I'd buy one tomorrow. Clearly anyone calling it a MINI clone is too young to remember the MGB...

Finally a British design that looks interesting.

(MINI's are entirely designed in Germany, there is no UK input whatsoever - BMW have no UK design centre, they just assemble them here, whereas MG's are actually designed here - surely the more important part of the job!)

Anther "lip stick on a pig" car from China.
Come on folks.
These are Chinese cars,not British.
You can buy the company for peanuts but you cann't buy the Heritage or stlye.
China has killed most of our industry while protecting its own.

The rot set in for the British car industry when BL workers decided it was easier to sit around a blazing brazier all day reading Socialist Worker than do a fair days work for a fair days pay. Successive incarnations of the company would continue to pay for this arrogance right up until the final demise of Rover.

The die was cast in the 1970's when it became apparent that your average BL worker couldn't assemble an Airfix kit without it falling apart, let alone a car. Even though the final models to roll off Rovers production lines were as well made as anything BMW could produce, their reputation for building lousy quality cars in the 1970's and 80's was too well entrenched in the consumer psyche. Unfortunately for Rover their reputation was even worse on the continent and they struggled to sell any cars at all on the European mainland, which is what killed the company off in the end.

Move forward a few years and along come SAIC with a revamped version of the MG brand. The new models are to be designed and assembled by a British team here in the UK, in much the same manner as other British car brands in foreign ownership. So, I ask myself, why are two companies in particular, MG and Jaguar, constantly singled out for abuse by a few loud mouthed trolls on this website? Could it possibly be that the owners of these two brands are Chinese and Indian?

Okay, let's take SAIC for example. They could have stuck two fingers up at Britain and made the MG range in China, it would have been far cheaper for them to do so but they didn't. Why? Because they knew MG had a long heritage in the UK, and they also knew that whilst it was very easy to move production to China MG's heritage wasn't going anywhere. To stand the faintest chance of retaining a little of that heritage SAIC had to design and assemble MG's in Britain.

It is a little known fact that China has a lot of respect for this country and its past achievements. The British tradition of designing and manufacturing quality products is revered in China. If the Chinese see a Union Jack on a product it is recognised as a sign of quality. This can be powerfully demonstrated in China's emerging high end Hi-Fi industry. Chinese high end valve amplifiers are acknowledged as some of the best money can buy amongst the hifi fraternity. Companies such as Yaqin, PrimaLuna, The Affordable Valve Company and Response Audio make outstanding quality amplifiers and many of them are developments of great British valve amplifiers from the 1960's which have had their designs and circuitry brought bang up to date. These amps are not only very attractive, they sound bloody excellent too. So ask yourself this, if the Chinese are capable of bringing revamped British valve amp designs kicking and screaming into the 21st century, why can't they achieve the same goal with a famous old British car mark like MG? The answer to that is, they can and they will, it'll just take a little time. It took Chinese hifi manufacturers about 10 years to establish themselves in the high Hi-Fi market, bearing in mind they almost had to start from scratch. It will not take SAIC that long to deliver an MG worthy of the name.

I for one am delighted the MG brand has been saved. More importantly I am over the moon that it has been saved by a Chinese company. Why? Because China is one of the very few countries in the world right now where the economy is buoyant enough to allow home grown companies to provide the kind of capital needed to relaunch a big brand like MG. Moreover, they have the financial clout to do so in the place of its birth using an indigenous, highly trained workforce. How is that not a good thing?