MG Roadster back as SUV

20 Jul, 2012 11:30am Sam Hardy

New MG Roadster will be based on the Icon concept, with classic MGB touches - and our exclusive images show how it could look

The MG Roadster is making a comeback – in the shape of a stylish new drop-top crossover.

MG hopes to appeal to a new generation of enthusiasts with this modern-day interpretation of legendary sports cars like the MGB. Our exclusive images show how the car could look, and it’s set to be a huge hit for the reborn company.

The new model was previewed by the hard-top Icon concept at April’s Beijing Motor Show. Now MG has dropped the strongest hints yet that this will be joined on the production line by a soft-top. Both will enter the growing compact crossover market, which is dominated by models like the Nissan Juke.

The car is likely to go on sale in 2015, starting at around £14,000.

For the full story on the new MG Roadster, pick up a copy of this week's Auto Express, out 18 July 2012.

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That looks vile!

Absolutely disgusting.


Wish I could understand the SUV craze, guess I don't hate driving enough...

A huge hit? Says who? Is MG actually going to survive in the UK market until 2015? I had a pedal car that looked like that when I was about 5. In fact, I would rather be seen in the pedal car than this!

Why??? If they are going to build a roadster, make it a proper one, not some droptop SUV thing

What a stupid and paradoxical idea. MG Roadster SUV. <shakes head=""></shakes>

This is without doubt the most ugly MG i have seen in my Fifty Six Years on this planet.
Move on MG,sorry SAIC.

Folks, stop worrying, this is Auto Express's image. I think the real thing will be designed by someone vaguely competent in auto design, not an intern with Photoshop.

No matter what the drawing looks like, just the idea is plain stupid. Here's a great example of how to destroy your brand. If they put that much effort into the real roadster, and served up a GT hatch version, they'd be better positioned. This is ridiculous.

Classic MGB touches - has Auto Express being handing crack around to the writers? Oh, my mistake, it has classic MGB touches like wheels. What wheels they are too - hideous and too big! Crossover? Mmm... let me crossover to the sick bag...

Hey Hombre, I non know how to tell you dis, but your Campany eis gonnae die ef dis is de rebirth. Si?

Tell them to stop working its the designer 2yrs old? come on who would buy that.

not one of the little nippers best attempts, better put him back in the playpen with his tonka toys.

It's not pretty is it and why oh why does it need to be an SUV? I think MG have lost the plot somewhat...

There are plenty of amazingly naff faux SUV designs out there but this, if it is more than a doodle by AE is the most naff yet!

Naff with a capital N.

Congratulations to your artist. It looks like the love child of an MGB roadster and a Nissan Juke! Not your best effort!

hideous! a frog on a roller skate if there ever was.

Nicest MG ever made and looks really cool . Like it alot

why you lot get your knickers in a twist over something that does not exist and will not exist, ever, is beyond me, it is AutoDistress doing yet another hatchet job

Words fail me, just ghastly ! Take all these comments back to your 'focus group' and re-focus.