Olympic MINI Rocketman

2 Aug, 2012 11:04am Graham Hope

Team GB-inspired version of the MINI Rocketman is on display at the Olympic Park

MINI has opened the doors on its Team GB-inspired MINI Rocketman concept – and it is proving a hit with visitors to the Olympic Park in London.

The special patriotic mini MINI is a 3+1 seater with a host of unique touches, including a red, white and blue colour scheme and a glass roof with illuminated braces which create the look of a Union Jack.

The body is made from carbon-fibre reinforced plastic and features exposed carbon parts at the front and the doors, while inside the red white and blue part-leather seats leave you in no doubt as to what team MINI is supporting.

Even more striking is the trim on the lower dashboard and doors, which features the names of all the cities that have hosted the Olympics, and the centre console, which is claimed to resemble a basketball court.

Will the Rocketman reach production? Making a cost-effective platform is the key. At present, there are no cars in the BMW portfolio which could feasibly share a platform with the mini MINI, making it too expensive to develop.

But it hasn’t been ruled out completely. A spokesman for BMW said: “As long as we are doing concepts like this, there is always a glimmer of hope.”