MINI five-door scooped

29 Nov, 2013 3:30pm Jack Rix

Five-door version of new MINI revealed in exclusive spy shots from the factory floor

The MINI five-door hatch will be a brand-new addition to the range when it arrives in Summer 2014, and we have exclusive pictures of it months ahead of the reveal. Taken at the Oxford plant, these camera phone images were sent in anonymously to Auto Express.

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Despite being taped-up for the paint shop, you can clearly see the stretched profile next to the three-door MINI revealed earlier this month. "You can see from looking at the standard hatch that we will need to expand the wheelbase just to fit another set of doors in", Dietmar Zimmerhackl, Senior Vice President MINI Product Line told us at the recent LA Motor Show

The five-door hatchback is tipped to be the most lucrative member of the new MINI range, aimed at young families desperate for extra space. “Some people want a MINI with the ease of five doors but they don't want it to be as big as the Countryman. That's our market here," Zimmerhackl revealed. 

A visible bonnet vent gives away that this is the Cooper S model in our pictures – fitted with a 189bhp 2.0-litre four-cylinder turbo, but expect the five-door model to get the same all-new engine range as the three-door. That means a 134bhp three-cylinder 1.5-litre turbo in the Cooper and a 114bhp 1.5-litre turbodiesel in the Cooper D. A hot JCW model will follow too, with a tuned version of the Cooper S’s 2.0-litre turbo.

Three and five-door version of the MINI hatch will spearhead a new-look line-up for MINI, that could total as many as eight separate model lines, all based on the flexible new UKL1 platform. Replacements for the Cabriolet, Clubman, Countryman and Paceman are guaranteed, while a sporty MX-5 rival could replace the slow-selling Roadster and Coupe models. An MPV is also being considered along with a saloon for the Chinese market.

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I think it looks terrible :(

Yes, another one from this maker well and truly walloped by the ugly stick. I suppose the potential customers will wake up to this eventually!

Austin Maxi here we come

Ouch. Presumably the letter from BMW's lawyers will be arriving on Auto Express's doormat first thing.

'Yawn' doesnt interest me in slightest ! as if there isnt enough hatchbacks/ suv's / cuv's in UK already ! NEXT........!

i think thats a custom job I would think the factory paint the body shell when nothing is attached to it

Well I'm not a Mini fan but from what I see from the picture it looks pretty good to me and the only reason it's a Mini is because that's a brand name. If it wasn't for the pricing policy I would consider one of these. You people who are forever jumping on the ugly stick remarks are just anti certain vehicles and their place in this world, we have it with the Fiat 500 as well. the consideration for these vehicles is that they can be no longer as diminutive as they used to be because of the size of people today and also the real mini sized cars were there because it was what people could afford way back in the 50's and 60's

I get the feeling you could stick the Mini badge on a dog *urd and BMW would try and sell it!

Sorry to disappoint you but I do not weep for the original Mini at all. I had one!
However I have absolutely no confidence in BMW's ability to design a new shape that is actually attractive or merely has well executed detailing. A good new shape is desperately needed but the stylistic blight seems to be spreading from the likes of the Paceman to the products of the BMW parent itself. Witness the i3.

Any word on when we will see this version? Detroit, Chicago, New York????

I like MINI five-door scooped

Not sure who you are replying to as I never said I weep for the original Mini, had one myself and vowed never again. trip from Dusseldorf to Luton was a nightmare.
Yes not only have I witnessed the i3 but I was one of 80 members of the public at the official launch of this car and again I would never buy BMW this car is very good and the styling is very nice and considering the technology employed is a much better bet than any other electric car on the market in it's class. Some day you want to look beyond the badge and actually look at the MODEL.