Mitsubishi to publish real-world mpg figures for its cars

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV
5 Mar, 2014 10:13am Mat Watson

Japanese firm wants to be more open with customers about achievable economy figures

Mitsubishi is planning to be more open with its customers about what kind of fuel economy its models can achieve in the real world, according to UK MD of Mitusbishi, Lance Bradley.

It would start with the new Outlander PHEV (plug-in hybrid electric vehicle), which claims 148mpg, since hybrids often perform deceptively well during official testing. Bradley tells us that in the real world, though, “customers came back saying it only did 90mpg. It’s crazy that people think that’s bad, but it’s all relative to the official figure.”

“We’d like to do a graph, maybe just a figure, starting with the PHEV but then rolling it out to other cars. It would come from customer information,” said Bradley, suggesting buyers could input their real world fuel economy to make it clear to prospective owners what they should expect.

It’ll be an important next step for Mitsubishi considering it is planning to have every single one of its models offered as a plug-in hybrid electric variant in five years’ time. The next-generation ASX for example will get a less complicated PHEV system than the Outlander, making it front-wheel drive only. That’ll be followed by a PHEV Shogun and Mitsubishi is planning another small all-electric car, too.