Mitsubishi Colt successor

22 Jun, 2012 6:14pm Kyle Fortune

Mitsubishi confirms it will be producing a five-door replacement for the Colt, with a focus on space and efficiency

Mitusbishi has confirmed it will replace the Colt supermini next year with an all-new five-door car built in Thailand. 

The newcomer – currently sold as the Mirage in Asia – promises best-in-class sub-99g/km emissions and fuel economy of more than 70mpg. That’s down to 1.0 and 1.2-litre three-cylinder engines fitted with stop-start and a low kerbweight, too.

Promising to be the lightest car in its class, Mitsubishi insiders claim it betters the 929kg kerb weight of the Volkswagen up!. Despite that the new small car won’t compromise packaging, as engineers say it will offer more legroom than the five-door Colt it replaces. 

Mitsubishi’s global small car will be revealed later this year, before arriving in UK showrooms next March.

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having owned 2 colts in the last 5years this car looks older than the model it is replacing although the emissions and competitive pricing should shift them

This looks like a rather boring effort from Mitsubishi. Surprising, from a company that traditionally produces interesting vehicles in terms of looks and engineering. I'll reserve judgement though until it debuts in the UK.

Looks very boring and would be more suited to countries where they just need transport and don't care about how it looks/drives. Poor effort Mitsubishi.

This car is so inoffensive it's offensive. This is what I dislike about the attitudes of some car manufacturers these days, cars as appliances. Simply transport, zero effort, do they even like cars?

So Mitsubishi has made a car even more boring than the new Micra? sad really. what has happened to the company?

Looks even worse than the current model. No wonder Mitsubishi is a company in decline. Is anyone actually going to buy a dud like this?

I hope it looks more exciting that the model pictured here. The new Outlander looks a bit strange, the Colt needs to be good to compete with the Fiesta/Polo.
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Did I just read correctly - someone suggested Mitsubishi usually produce something interesting? Have you seen the colt for the last few years? Quite how Mitsubishi remains solvent is, frankly, beyond explanation...

I own a 2008 5dr Colt with the sequential auto box and so far have nothing bad to say about the car. Not the slightest problem after 50000 km and most of them in town. It is used as a family car for our city driving, school, shopping etc and really it is the spaciest in its class, with the best head/leg room, sliding rear seats whch can be completely lifted up and you can get an enormous load area, the rear floor is without a tunnel which makes easier the seating of 3 persons plus that it has the most powerful engine in its class, 1.3 lt petrol, 100 hp normally aspirated (although a bit noisy at hgher revs) and returns about 6 lt/100 km.
As for styling I would totally disagree with JamesRiley, as even today its shape is still considered modern and don't forget we are talking about a 2006 design. Still looks fresh and better than most rivals even newcomers.
In terms of practicallity I would only match it to the class leader Jazz . The rest are simply not even close to what these two cars offer in their class.
As for the new Colt, I wouldn't even consider it as a choice. Its too Asian and it better stay in that market. Still another car which stopped being produced in Europe and moved its production line to Asia. No wonder unemployment rates in Europe are rising fast. At the end we get Asian products, which cost half of what they would if they were to be built in Europe, with questionable quality and strangely still at European prices. All this just for increasing the profits of the automakers at our expense.
No thanks , I'll pass!

I thought Colts of previous generations have looked different, especially the current model Ralliart, but this is dull and uninteresting I'm afraid. Maybe a Ralliart version would look good with a bodykit etc, but it looks like they are gunning for fuel efficiency with this model.

What is this horrific looking thing! I agree with Ducatinova - I though Nissan had plumbed the depths with their new Micra, but this is even worse. Just goes to show the decreasing importance of european sales and european taste. This is obviously designed for asian tastes.

I used to sell Mitsubishi's & the moment i saw this car i knew it would be hard work, how true was i.Never ever have i seen a car so,how do i say it,but ugly.It does not have one attractive feature about it. I have to agree with all the above comments,sorry Mitsubishi or bits a mushy

Must be better than the Fiat 500. I drove the current Mitsubishi Colt for around 100 miles and cannot understand the negative comments. It feels like a bigger car. The Fiat is a horrible cramped bouncy thing with a speedometer that is difficult to read.