Bugatti Veyron Wei Long

24 Apr, 2012 11:56am Luke Madden

Bugatti unveils one-off special edition Veyron Grand Sport in Beijing alongside the £1.5 million Grand Sport Vitesse

Bugatti chose the Beijing Motor Show to unveil the ‘Wei Long 2012’ one-off Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. The French firm was also showcasing the Grand Sport Vitesse for the first time in Asia. 

The Wei Long Veyron has been developed with the help of Koniglice Porzellan Manufaktur of Berlin, who previously helped to develop the porcelain parts of the Grand Sport L’Or Blanc. 

That means that the fuel filler cap, wheel inserts and elements of the cabin have all been made from porcelain that has been engraved with images of a dragon – celebrating of course the Chinese year of the dragon. 

Similarly the headrests and hand-made 100 per cent silk floor mats are both embossed with the dragon image. 

Bugatti will only be producing one Wei Long 2012 edition, priced at £1.28 million. 

Unlike the Grand Sport Vitesse – which Bugatti also had on their showstand – the Wei Long edition only gets the 987bhp produced by a standard Veyron. The Vitesse has 1184bhp, which is enough to make it the world’s fastest roadster with a top speed of 255mph. The Vitesse is price from £1.5 million.