Nissan Juke n-tec

8 Apr, 2013 10:43am Tom Phillips

The new Nissan Juke n-tec is predicted to be the best-selling model, with prices starting at £16,295

The Nissan Juke n-tec has been added to the firm’s crossover range. It’s based on the Acenta Premium model, and costs £300 more, but Nissan claims the n-tec model gets “more style, higher equipment levels and an enhanced Nissan Connect infotainment system.”

Visual changes for the Juke n-tec include an upgrade to 18-inch alloy wheels, the addition of gloss black trim on the B-pillars and door mirrors, and black bezels for the Juke’s signature bonnet-mounted lights.

Inside, the Juke n-tec gets a new-generation version of the Nissan Connect infotainment system. Controlled by a 5.8-inch touchscreen, the new Nissan Connect system combines sat-nav, reversing camera and Bluetooth functions that allow you to make hands-free calls and stream music from your phone.

The sat-nav also includes Google Send-To-Car technology that allows owners to plan and send their route to the car via a laptop or smartphone before they leave the house.

The touchscreen also allows the driver to adjust the way the car drives via the Nissan Dynamic Control System, and adjust the climate control.

Nissan expects the Juke n-tec to be the best-selling model in the line-up. The n-tec trim level will be available with all engine and drivetrain combinations.

That means a choice of one diesel and two petrol engines. Four-wheel drive is available in combination with the 1.6-litre DIG-T petrol engine only.

A two-wheel drive model with the same engine is also available, and both DIG-engined cars get a black interior headliner and a dual exit exhaust finisher to further distinguish them from the rest of the Juke n-tec range.

The Juke n-tec is built alongside the rest of the Juke line-up at Nissan’s factory in Sunderland. The Juke is Nissan’s second best selling car, behind the Qashqai, with 28,862 cars sold in the UK last year. Worldwide, Nissan has sold over 500,000 Jukes so far.

Full Nissan Juke n-tec prices and specs:

Model Power CO2 MPG Price
Juke n-tec 1.6 man. 115bhp 139g/km 47.1 £16,295
Juke n-tec 1.6 man. stop-start 115bhp 136g/km 48.7 £16,495
Juke n-tec 1.6 CVT 115bhp 145g/km 44.8 £17,295
Juke n-tec 1.5 dCi 108bhp 124g/km 58.9 £17,690
Juke n-tec 1.6 DIG-T 2WD man. 187bhp 159g/km 40.9 £17,795
Juke n-tec 1.6 DIG-T 4WD CVT 187bhp 169g/km 37.2 £20,000

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So I'm confused, I just ordered a Tekna which comes with 17" alloys (the highest spec without going to Nismo), but now the NTEC has come along, is this a higher spec or lower than the Tekna, and if its lower than Tekna why does the NTEC have higher spec? No-one seems to be able to answer? i.e. the Tekna is more expensive, but seems to have less equipment than the NTEC...

ntec is a new edition to take advantage of some new parts designed for the nismo (black headlining, gloss black interior trim etc) and it has larger wheels (also due to Nismo getting 18's). It gets the nismo's blacked out upper headlights/indicators too. Essentially the Tekna is still higher in the range as it gets leather etc but the one big loss is that currently Tekna still has the older version of the Navi system. But the difference is minimal, 5 inch display instead of the new 5.8 and the new one has some google integration...sort of pointless really. And the new larger display is wasted as during navi at least the extra space is taken up by extra touch functions that cant be removed. Black B-pullar trim is from the Ministry of Sound edition car and the black mirrors from the Kuro. They did a similar thing with the Qashqai 360 of using gloss black trim on exterior pieces. Nissan often do this, look at the Note N-tec from 18 months ago, silver/grey exterior handles & mirrors to make it look slightly different.

one last thing, i doubt the touchscreen has vehicle dynamics controls or ones for the keeps these separate from Infortainment and the juke has the dedicated lower ICON screen for this which through its D-mode is SPECIFICALLY for handling these two tasks...doubling up to put controls in the infortainment system seems silly, a waste of development money and is counterintuitive.

Dont know about the Juke but was always under the impression that in the case of the Note the Tekna spec is higher than the ntec.