Nissan Micra price cut

Nissan Micra
11 Oct, 2012 10:51am Tom Phillips

Same car for less: The Fiesta-rivalling Nissan Micra supermini is now available from £7,995

The Nissan Micra is now available from £7,995, making the price for the entry-level Visia model £1,755 less than before. There are no changes to the Micra’s spec, which includes Bluetooth on all models.

Nissan has also slashed prices for the rest of the Micra range. The Acenta model gets 15-inch alloys, air conditioning and front fog lights and now costs £9,995, down from £11,250.

The Acenta Connect gets Nissan’s Connect touchscreen satnav system and prices start at £10,495 - £1,255 less than before.

The new Nissan Micra Elle special edition revealed at the Paris Motor Show also gets a price drop, with a starting price cut from £12,000 to £11,195.

The top of the range Micra Tekna features a panoramic glass roof, parking space measurement, rear parking sensors, automatic headlights, rain sensing wipers and climate control. Prices now start at £11,545, down from the £12,800 Nissan previously charged.

There are no changes to the Micra’s engine line-up, which remains a choice of two 1.2-litre three-cylinder petrol engines, in 79bhp naturally aspirated or 97bhp supercharged forms. Buyers have the choice of a five-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission.

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One would be feeling somewhat sick if one had bought one of these cars at the higher price, wouldn't one?

Nissan took a big step backwards when they introduced this "lowest common dominator" version of the Micra. It went from appealing to nondescript and bland. It was never going to work. Nobody could ever aspire to one. Cutting the price is the inevitable consequence of the wrong decision they took ... and it still won't rescue this ill-conceived model. They'd do better to bring back the previous model at a low price point and start re-building the Micra brand.

Bought my daughter an early model 'Noddy' Micra for £500 and three years later it's still trundling along, helped by extreme simplicity, with no gadgets to go wrong.

I do think each Micra iteration has been a small step backwards, not least for internal volume. You simply cannot beat a box with a wheel at each corner.

As for looks, well, we all have an opinion on visual appeal, but I'll take the Noddy over this one.

The design of the latest iteration of the Micra has really grown on me - I think it's understated and clean. The new price drops actually only reflect the original proposition of the Micra brand and put it back into its budget mini box from where it started - no bad thing, it's a pity the Mini and the Beetle can't do the same with their over priced and over designed offerings.

its a cracking little car, a proper supermini that does what a supermini is supposed to do.... and the looks have definately grown on me

How can this mediocre offering possibly be compared to the excellent Fiesta? The Ford is far better value. No doubt the price cut is an attempt to flog as many as possible to unwary punters who don't realise they are buying a lemon.

The design of the new micra is just... lazy and the quality of the inside took a huge step back on the previous model. I thought the point of bringing out a new model was to 'improve' on the one it replaces... this version just doesn't do that. They've designed a 'world car' that works in.. and no offense here, markets that demand far less than the west.