Road tests

Nissan Patrol

22 Nov, 2006

The Patrol's a serious off-roader, but shows its age on tarmac

Front view of Nissan Patrol
Used car tests

Nissan Patrol

8 Feb, 2005

It's celebrating its 50th year, but is now the time to buy a used version of the legendary Nissan Patrol?

Road tests

Nissan Patrol 3.0Di SVE

15 Sep, 2004

There are some people you simply don't want to pick a fight with - characters so imposing that you wouldn't even whisper an insult behind their back, let alone to their face.


Revised Patrol Shows Its Face

5 Aug, 2004

The big secret is out on Patrol. Thanks to our worldwide network of contacts, this is an exclusive first official picture of Nissan's revised flagship off-roader.