Peugeot 208 GTi exclusive

1 Feb, 2012 8:00am Jack Rix

Our exclusive renderings show how the new Peugeot 208 GTi could look

Peugeot is preparing to unleash a hot GTi version of its new 208 supermini – and the ingredients are right for it to be one of the most exciting Peugeots for years. We have all the details, and our illustrations show how the standard 208 will be transformed.

Peugeot introduced the 205 GTi in 1984, and has never really recreated the magic of that model (see panel, opposite). But the smaller, lighter and faster 208 GTi has all the hallmarks of becoming another performance classic.

Like the 205 GTi, which was offered with 105bhp 1.6-litre and 130bhp 1.9-litre engines, the 208 will come with a choice of power outputs. The tamer version will feature the same 181bhp 1.6-litre turbo engine as the MINI Cooper S, cover the 0-62mph sprint in less than seven seconds and still return almost 50mpg.

Waiting in the wings is a more powerful version, rumoured to be called 208 GTi Racing. It will use a tuned version of the same engine that delivers 204bhp, which would mean a 0-62mph time of 6.5 seconds. On average, the new 208 weighs 110kg less than the 207 it replaces, and this should help the GTi’s handling.

Lowered, stiffer suspension will boost the car’s agility and bigger brakes will feature, too. The exhaust will be tuned to produce a throatier note, while a chunkier small-diameter steering wheel will be fitted.

Peugeot boss Vincent Rambaud has gone on record as saying “retro is not what we want to do”. So don’t expect any obvious nods towards the 205. The interior will get sports seats and GTi badges, while the exterior will feature bigger alloys, a pumped-up bodykit and larger foglights. At the back, a roof spoiler and twin exhausts finish off the makeover.

There will be plenty of rivals for Peugeot’s supermini. The Ford Fiesta ST is due before the end of the year, and there’s an all-new Renaultsport Clio arriving in early 2013. There’s no official release date for the 208 GTi, although we could see it as early as the Geneva Motor Show next month.

Expect the 181bhp version to go on sale a few months after the standard car hits showrooms this summer, costing from around £17,000. The 204bhp version will be significantly more – it’s likely to be priced closer to £22,000 when it arrives next year.

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"Our exclusive renderings show how the new Peugeot 208 GTi could look"

It would be unremarkable to look at then.

It will be interesting to see whenther the other asumptons about performance are correct.

This whole thing is to try to get us to buy the latest magazibne to read about it.

No chance

Not sure I agree about the Ford Fiesta ST being released this year, or the new RS Clio next, there's been no official confirmation on either IIRC.

50mpg? From a 1.6 turbo? Doubtful at best. Especially considering the use the vehicle is intended. E.g. cast iron right foot goers.

The MINI Cooper S (British made 184+ BHP version of the same engine), can easily manage 50 MPG when on a careful drive. As normal; town, high speed or sprint driving hurts your MPG, you don't get 180+ BHP's from nowhere.

Have to agree that it does look like a bland Euro-box and as it's a Pug(Citroen), it'll depreciate horrendously and fall to bits.

You'd never guess it's a Peugeot.

Personally I like the look of this. Sure, it will depreciate like a stone but it will make a cracking 2nd hand buy. As for reliability, I had a Pug 306 for 12 years...and it never went wrong once!! Maybe I was lucky.

there is one thing wrong though it's a Peugeot so it will be crap ! i bought one once ,the biggest load of crap i have ever bought never by another one again !!!!!

And of course being French, it will be utterly reliable!

toycollector, i sincerely hope you are referring to french people? ? Mr. Sarkozy being a model contender!!!!! 208GTI, if it lost all the chrome bling etc, it actually does'nt look too bad? and if proven reliable could well be a bargain used buy, because it will lose more value more quickly than a politician's promise.

Looks like a VXR corsa in those pics. Be ready for your electrics to short out on this car :)

Couple of observations.
I had a peugeot 306 totally reliable for 10 years. Friend of mine had a 307 dire until all problems sorted, I now have a 308 totally reliable again. The friend has a 207 currently no problems. Spoke to a Peugeot tech who explained the above as Peugeot now use German / Japanese electronics in all their cars, just like Ford, Vauxhall, Vw etc

Wife has got a 207 GT (same engine) remember this engine was developed with BMW for the Mini, had it 4 years and not a single problem, I suspect the 208 will follow the same route as the 207, there will be a GT version and a hotter GTI version, curiously the GT version doesnt have a rear spoiler, the GTI does, the GT has a standard glass roof, the GTI doesnt, I suspect AE renderings are nearer GT than GTI..

This is the first photo I have seen of the expected 208 that shows the windscreen wiper arrangement. Sadly it is like the 207 and not the 308. Peugeot made a dog's dinner on the 207 because the arc does not extend close enough to the window pillar and leaves a substantial unwiped area. Will the 208 be the same? Get the basics right before worrying about performance.

So many postings here are preoccupied with, dare I say harp on about, depreciation. It has always struck me as being based on hocus pocus rather than rationality but I suppose anything aimed at performance, like this vehicle, is bound to depreciate heavily.

As for Peugeot/Citroen depreciation generally, then catch up everyone! A glance at Parker's Guide will reveal the DS3 as being amongst the ten least depreciating vehicle.