Peugeot 308 gets frugal 1.2-litre petrol

Peugeot 308 hatchback 2013 front tracking
Credits: Nathan Morgan
18 Mar, 2014 5:14pm Nikolai Attard

A new 1.2-litre petrol engine is now offered in the 308 hatch, returning over 99mpg on test

The Peugeot 308 is now available with a new three-cylinder engine, available on new models from April. The new 130bhp PureTech e-THP 1.2-litre turbo petrol engine can return a claimed 61.4mpg, with CO2 emissions of 107g/km.

Peugeot Hybrid Air to make production

While testing the new engine Peugeot managed to achieve 99.1mpg while covering a distance of 1124.7 miles on a single tank. The figures mean the 308, which was voted as European Car of the Year 2014, set a new record for economy on a single tank of fuel.

A compact engine design and the latest tech such as high-pressure direct injectors and a new generation high performance turbo, means the 308 powered by the 1.2-litre motor is the most economical petrol car in its class.

• Hybrid Air tech on the way for the Peugeot 2008

The addition to the engine range means the hatchback is now available with a choice of five petrol engines, with power ranging from 82bhp to 156bhp. Five diesel motors ranging from 92bhp to 150bhp are also available. The new PureTech turbo petrol engine will make its way to the 208 hatchback and the 2008 crossover in the form of the e-THP 110, too.

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Well done Peugeot,nice looking car and now a class leading engine.THE LION IS BACK !!!!

Great car, had mine a month now and just about to turn over 3000 miles, drive to work has never been so enjoyable!

So much for Ford's overhyped Ecoboost engine, getting mid 30's mpg while claiming well over 60. Even light footed drivers "boast" of getting low 40's. All this in a lighter Fiesta model.

....... and the 0-60 time..... ??

Class leading lol. That's the audi. I have a Peugeot 307 as well so not biased. Looked at the 308 and it's a good car but the audi is light years ahead... albeit you gave to pay for it. Thing I hated about the 308 was the silly model names... Feline.. Eh.. Still the new308 is way better than the awful 308 it replaces

3 years... Slower than my awesome audi s3 8v 2014 sportback

Years ahead?? are you kidding? Are you comparing the same level of options?
Audi are mainly years before all others in terms of design, same design used for years and for every car. If you had the fact that they are less reliable than many other brands including Peugeot (check the reliability index for example), I don't see any reason to buy Audi, especially for this class of cars.
By the way, it has been elected car of the year by journalists from all over the world, isn't it what we call "class leading"?

Yes, your audi you paid at least £32,000 without options. Compare what can be compared.

There is a reason for buying an Audi. If a person is an absolute to55er then they really have no other choice (except maybe VW Golf).

Odd comment. Care to elaborate on your wisdom. Oh you spelt your name incorrectly

Audi a3 wins more awards and the pug got trounced in a test with the audi a3. You are deluded. Have you actually seen an a3 inside or driven one. Light years ahead. The pug interior is cheap and nasty. I like pugs though as I have one and several in past 20 years. Your problem is that you just look at pics. As for saying the a3 hasn't changed well the pug 308 looks near identical to my 307xsi. As for price hardly any difference

Standard spec isn't much different in price to an a3

well, you assume a lot here. I know Audi's quite well, and Peugeot probably much more than you for some reasons I won't detail here. Anyway, I think you are deluded and just a basic Audi fan. I think you are judging about the previous 308. Have you tried the new one at least? It is way better than the previous one (which wasn't exactly a good car), and quite equivalent to the Audi in terms of interior quality except... it is much more fashion and good looking than your sad Audi. "the pug 308 looks near identical to my 307xsi" after this sentence, there is not much to say about your point of view....
Audi is not making bad cars, just all looking the same and not the quality you would expect for this price. You want some premium, go to Mercedes BMW or Lexus, not Audi (which shares a lot of pieces with the equivalent Skoda and Seat Leon... Premium? really?)

Yes but you said your S3. You say it is faster, and then you talk about the standard version. At least compare the same things.

What!? I think YOU are deluded. You assume so much its untrue to the point of laughable. What makes you think I am an Audi fan. Why is it that anyone who likes an Audi or other premium an auto fan!! What makes you think you know more than me. Maybe true but without knowing any facts/my background that's a big arrogant. I have had Peugeot's for 20+ years, 307xsi, 306, 205 1.9gti (and modded) and then got an Audi. Had an Audi for 2 weeks. Yeh that really makes me an Audi fan. What next no Audi driver indicates which is another big myth/untruth. Its clear you have not even sat in an Audi. I have sat in all makes - audi, pug, citroen, merc, skoda, ford, etc and the audi wins hands down and I am not alone.

Standard one is better if that makes you happier

So what, when you assume that you know more Pugs than me it is alright, but not when I do it? I quote you: "Your problem is that you just look at pics". The funny thing here is that you are comparing a recent Audi with old Pugs to make your point. And you come on a article about Peugeot to say that your Audi is better, isn't that be a fan?
Anyway, you are actually the typical A3/S3 driver, so it was a good choice for you.

I think your about to say that Audi is even better than an Aston Martin. Apparently you got out of the Audi forum.

eh? weird comment. Id prefer a small car to an aston martin though as I don't like big cars

Once again you make assumptions. I test drove the new 308. What is a typical audi a3/s3 driver - what an idiotic comment. Whatever that means. I'm actually a Peugeot fan. I have recently opted for an a3 instead of the 308 as I prefer it.

you sound like a typical 4x4 driver....I despise 4x4 drivers as they are the most careless and selfish drivers on the road

And you're wrong again... Anyway, you are saying a lot of non senses and you are apparently struggling to understand comments (and I am not talking only about mine). You talked on different forums only to criticise brands like BMW or Peugeot, but you never make your point. And now you seem upset, just get over it.

Well you clearly aren't very intelligent then. Why don't you read my posts as it's very clear. Poor quality interior, lousy choice of engines and silly names don't help the pug

Dude, your Audi is a Golf with an Audi badge on in and a ludicrous price tag.

Had my 308 Active 1.2 e-THP 130 for a couple of weeks now. Chose it over Golf, Focus, etc. Had high expectations and not disappointed - it is an absolute cracker at any price, let alone what I paid for it. Speed, comfort, style, handling - it has them all!