Peugeot announces new naming structure

24 May, 2012 3:52pm Luke Madden

The Peugeot 301 is the first model to use the new naming strategy, which sees all models ending in a one or an eight

Peugeot is simplifying its naming strategy, and the first model to benefit from the changes is the Chinese-market-only 301 saloon. 

As has always been the case, the first number marks out the size of the vehicle, the middle number is always zero or double zero. The changes concern the third number, which will now always be a one or an eight. 

Models that end in a one – like the 301 – will represent Peugeot’s value-for-money range, with a focus on practicality and versatility. At the moment there are no plans for these models to come to the UK, and they will instead focus on emerging markets such as China.

Meanwhile models that currently end in eight – such as the 308, the 208, 3008 and 5008 will all carry on with the names they have, even when replaced for an all-new model. Cars like the 107 will switch to 108 when the next-generation models arrives and then remain that way.