Peugeot announces new naming structure

24 May, 2012 3:52pm Luke Madden

The Peugeot 301 is the first model to use the new naming strategy, which sees all models ending in a one or an eight

Peugeot is simplifying its naming strategy, and the first model to benefit from the changes is the Chinese-market-only 301 saloon. 

As has always been the case, the first number marks out the size of the vehicle, the middle number is always zero or double zero. The changes concern the third number, which will now always be a one or an eight. 

Models that end in a one – like the 301 – will represent Peugeot’s value-for-money range, with a focus on practicality and versatility. At the moment there are no plans for these models to come to the UK, and they will instead focus on emerging markets such as China.

Meanwhile models that currently end in eight – such as the 308, the 208, 3008 and 5008 will all carry on with the names they have, even when replaced for an all-new model. Cars like the 107 will switch to 108 when the next-generation models arrives and then remain that way.

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So now we know, and the motoring world breathes a collective sigh of relief...

Award winning motoring journalism at its finest!!
The thing is, if Peugeot called it The new peugeot sex magnet, I still wouldn't buy one. The new 208 is fugly!!

The 301 might be a value for money car but it looks like a quality product! Now that the numbers won't change maybe people will actually be able to name a Peugeot instead of calling a 207 a 206! The 301 looks nice - like a mini 508 almost. Doubt they will actually bring it here seeing as there are so many Peugeot haters. Carry on with the good work Peugeot.

Its great to see the Peugeot Brand producing superb looking cars again.... The product has improved so much in the recent years with reliability up there with the best of them. Even before the 208 has been launched its won numerous award.... Lets hope they bring the 4008 in right hand drive and the 301 looks like it could be a winner.

Heading to this posting says it all

For those of you who know nothing about Peugeot 's model history, the typenumbers with 0 in the middle started in 1929 with the introduction of their 201.

Later series were 02, 03, etc. till these numbers were used up in the 208 and 309 models.

So now they start with the 01 series all over again and yes aeolus, you are right, it's a relieve that they will not give their models silly names.

The double 0 typenumbers are used for models which do not fit in their regular model range like the 5008, 1007 etc.

Damn good response, some of these comments are total nonsense, and thankfully there are people like you to put them right.

And i hope i'm not the only one that thinks the 208 is a really fine looking supermini.

Does anybody care, will everybody hold a Pug street party?news must be a bit thin on the ground at the moment.

Whats changed Peugeot they make damm fine diesels the best in the business, but the rest of the car will fall to bits long long before the diesel packs up, and the French electrics like all French made cars are total crap. Thats all you need to know.

Yes JFalck, all those negative comments on this fine French car brand are total crap.

English Peugeot knockers don't seem to know that this is an old and world wide much respected car company who's products are of an excellent quality.
Their cars will last forever, provided you give them their regular maintenance.

British Leyland could never boast that.
Besides it longer exists.

And here is why, their products were of an atrocious build quality
They produced unattractive and uncompettive models of very poor reliability and there was always a desperate spare parts situation abroad.

Most remaining British brands are now owned by foreign car companies like VAG and BMW.
Jaguar and Landrover were even bought by Tata in India, ....a former British colony !!!!

So some moderation in comments made by English readers on French cars in general and Peugeot in particular would be more fitting I should think.

Of course about British Leyland, it should be.....Besides it NO longer exists.

Before I'm being accused of hating British cars, I've actually very much liked British cars especially those of the sixties.
My favorites were the Rover 2000, Triumph Vitesse, 1300, 2000, the Austin 1800 and of course the fantastic Hillmann Imp.

But I never had the courage to buy British because of the already mentioned various quality (rustprone) and reliability problems and availability of spare parts.


.....would have been called 309 if the current trend was to continue. And who wants to be reminded of the original? Exactly! Time for a new naming structure methinks. Still don't like the double '0' numbers, I mean 'Three Thousand and Eight' hardly trips off the tongue! On another note takata, I have previously owned a 106 and currently have a 308 and from my experience can confirm that they are the most unreliable cars I have ever owned, and yes, they are serviced on time and are well looked after!

oh dear, of course it should be amends instead of amands.

Well erly5, BL products must have been many times worse in this respect.
One can no longer buy an Austin, Morris or Triumph from what was once a very big car manufacturer.

Clearly nobody wanted to buy these inferior products any more.

In parts of the world without decent roads like Africa, Peugeots 404, and 504 for instance would survive for more than 30 years in daily use.

A Ford Cortina or Morris Marina would in no time have fallen to bits in these environments.

Takata it seems you're on an anti-English mission to prove French cars are somehow better. Ask yourself why?

For years Peugeots fall into the lowest places collectively in driver power surveys and no matter what technology they add, it just isn't reliable enough. They are effectively, bulbous, bug-eyed styled, over-priced vehicles, but why does their origin matter? British motorists tend to trust German built cars due to their noted quality and reliability but they don't start going on about the nationality of the country that makes these vehicles.

Peugeots are just a little bit crap.

I suspect.

Takata - it says it all that the only cars you can find that are less reliable than Peugeots are old BL efforts and the Ford Cortina, not built since 1982!.

Having had a great 205 and a fantastic 306 in the 90's I was itching to get the new 307 SW. What a great family car. It was total crap. Horrible to drive, massively unreliable and flimsy. Door handles, rubber seals and trim just fell off. I owned it from new for 4 years and during that time not once did everything on the care work at the same time.

BL was a good comparison. They went bust when people stopped buying Austin Maxi's because they were ugly, unrealiable and terrible to drive. Surely the same must happen to Peugeot. A glance at their sales figures would suggest it has already started.

They have a long way to go in order to catch up with the Metro I once owned in terms of unreliability. Incidentally the 106 I owned for eight years or so gave no trouble whatsoever.

All this proves is that we are to prone to extrapolate our own experiences into some sort of general truth. Amongst my present colleagues, the manufacturer which causes the largest amount of spitting and growling is VW.

Interesting about VW - the more I hear from owners the more I suspect their quality is not all they would have you believe.

Like you, I once owned a Rover product and in terms of leaving me stranded it was far worse than the Peugeot, that frequently went into limp-home mode but never gave up altogether. However their was more than 10 years between their manufacture date so I would have expected the Peugeot to be significantly better and it wasn't.

My 307 experiences seem to be representative if you look at surveys like Driver Power. The owner of the local garage I took it too once I finally gave up on the main dealer said "It's great for us that manufacturers still make cars as bad as the 307, it's just unfortunate that you bought one"

Thanks for that. With PSA products there does seem to be a great inconsistency between models. My late father and myself had great satisfaction with a series of Citroens but they were all small ones. Seemingly larger ones have been rather more difficult. Thanfully the current DS3 has been good as well as being a delight to drive.

I am a little cautious about surveys of the kind you mention as I suspect them of attracting both the "fanboys" (enthusiasts for, even possibly employees of, a given marque) on the one hand and curmudgeons who are never satisfied on the other. In reality, no vehicle is or can be perfect.

Oh dear oh dear, the flag waving British is Best Brigade.

Yes it is so easy to pick on a foreign car manufacturer while your own car industry has deservedly gone bust.

Having problems with a car, one of millions made by this manufacturer?
Hmm, go to another dealer, that often helps.

Oh and I don't work for Peugeot, just fed up with constantly finding the same load of crap about the same car brands on this site.

On French car sites you find comments from people who at least do their homework before posting anything.

You should read some of that stuff.
Or are you Brits not multilingual?
Well I am, fortunately.

Vous avez raison, Monsieur!

Well aeolus, it's not a matter of being right or not .
Your comments on French and Italian cars were as far as I can remember never insulting.

And I regret the fact that I have posted an angry comment which does grave injustice to people like you and other decent British readers of Auto Express who may find something to criticise on certain new cars but who are never course in expressing their views.

But now I am really finished with the sort of abuse and insults that those Continental manufacturers receive from some other readers on this site.

So I've decided that from now on I will only read articles on the sites of the French l'Auto-Journal and the German AutoBild and Auto Motor und Sport car magazines.
(will probably prevent me from getting an ulcer)

Peugeot have had a rise a fall several times in their illustrious history, but they are now on the up again.

All this slating of Peugeot! This 301 looks rather classy for a budget model, and in the last five years the brand has really got its act together.

I'm with takata on this one, and I don't work for Peugeot, I have never owned a Peugeot and I don't hate British cars, I think praise is due to Peugeot for getting their mojo back, I'm test driving a 208 next week, 5 years ago you wouldn't have got me through the showroom door.

wwwwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Whether it ends in a 1 and 8 or 666 it'll still be a Peugeot, and therefore, sh*te

I don't suppose you intended to justify takata's views but this is exactly what you have done.

Hold on, let me read that statement again to be sure I didn't think you said;

English Peugeot knockers don't seem to know that this is an old and world wide much respected car company who's products are of an excellent quality.
Their cars will last forever, provided you give them their regular maintenance.....hahaha are you bloody mental? Not read the which report or JD Power surveys then? Peugeot always comes bottom or reliability surveys and customer satisfaction indexes. I owned one in 2003, never again; I was driving along in my 406 only a couple of years old and the rear suspension collapsed, metal only had 46000 miles on the clock it had mant other faults too.

Now I'm older and a little wiser too I will never ever buy a Peugeot Citroen product again. They are utter rubbish, poorly engineered, nasty interiors, cheaply produced and only for left hand drive (right hand drive is an after thought which often leads to the pedal box being off set!) woeful electrics, awful funny cheap smell, bought by people with no style, ugliest cars out there. That thing for the Chinese market looks like it was designed by the Chinese!

Sorry but I give Peugeot/Citroen 5 yrs max before they are bought by the Chinese, Indians or Korean's. Hopefully that will be an end to their offensive looking tat