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New Peugeot 608 goes for bold!

13 Jun, 2008

Stylish large saloon promises to consign lacklustre 607 to history. Cabin to match quality of premium brands such as Audi and BMW

Road tests

Peugeot 607

9 Feb, 2005

With a new V6 diesel and facelifted 607 on its books, French firm Peugeot is keen to show off its latest developments with a car that combines both.

Used car tests

Peugeot 607

27 Jan, 2004

You've got to hand it to Peugeot, it's persistent. Despite the decreasing popularity of large mass-market executive cars in the Nineties, the French giant still launched one in late 2000.

2004-reg Diesel, Owner for 3 to 5 years

Loads of electrical glitches connected to the second (service) battery in the boot that drains very quickly, bringing up fault codes that are automatically rectified when the battery is charged.problems and expense (if you use a peugeot garage!) with the dpf and topping up of eolys fluid. I perform my own maintenance.there are loads of approved parts available on the market so spares & the price thereof is not a problem.fuel consumption is very good for this model,2.0 litre 8 valve, considering the size of the car!

2007-reg Petrol, Owner for less than a year

Engine is great but the electrics are "indifferent". It's a 3.0l v6 petrol plus the road tax is ł450pa. not great!!

05-reg Petrol, Owner for 3 to 5 years

A good (cheap) exec car. Drives well, comfortable, lots of gadgets. Economy not great. Drinks oil a bit.

53-reg Diesel, Owner for More than 5 years

Much more reliable than I thought it would be, excellent fuel economy (47 mpg overall), comfortable and practical on long journeys to southern France and well equipped with what would be extras on German models.