Peugeot 408 GT: new four-door coupe guns for CLA

9 Feb, 2014 8:00am Jack Rix

Bold look for new Peugeot 408 GT, a four-door coupe that could go on sale in 2016

As part of its push upmarket, Peugeot is planning an assault on the four-door coupe class. Our exclusive images show the brand’s new Mercedes CLA rival – likely to be badged 408 GT – which will be based on the 308 hatch and could go on sale in 2016.

As you can see, it will be longer, lower and wider than the 308, with a more aggressive nose. Slim headlights flow into a wider grille, as on the 2012 Onyx concept, while the boomerang tail-lamps are taken from the 2008.

The look will help the 408 GT live up to Peugeot’s rich design heritage, which includes models like the stunning, Pininfarina-styled 406 Coupe.

As it shares its underpinnings with the 308, the 408 GT would be based on the company’s new lightweight EMP2 architecture. So expect an almost identical interior, with even higher-grade materials to fit the new model’s more premium image.

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Engines will mirror the 308’s, too, with a choice of 1.2 and 1.6-litre petrol turbos delivering outputs from 128bhp to 168bhp. Diesel options will range from 1.6 to 2.0 litres with 118bhp to 178bhp.

The 408 GT is one of a trio of new models Peugeot has in the pipeline as it bids to improve its image – and its profit margins. An Audi Q5-sized 6008 is tipped to arrive in concept form some time this year, tapping into the lucrative compact SUV market, while a flagship 608 saloon will launch in 2017.

All three cars will be key to Peugeot’s increasing focus on China – now the world’s largest car market. Traditionally, Chinese customers have favoured large saloons, hence the 608, but with ever-tightening emissions regulations and less space on that country’s roads, their taste is diversifying towards smaller, more efficient and fashionable models, such as four-door coupés and SUVs.

Here’s proof that Peugeot has its eye on the four-door coupe market... It’s the first official teaser image of the concept it will display at April’s Beijing Motor Show.

The company has confirmed the new car is “from the same lineage as the Onyx Concept Car”, and “is a teaser of the brand’s future design”. At 4,730mm long but just 1,310mm high, it’s shorter than the 508 family car, plus lower than the RCZ coupe.

While the teaser doesn’t reveal much, you can see the short front overhang and long bonnet. Add the swooping coupe roofline, long wheelbase and long rear overhang, and the car promises a striking look.

Peugeot concept car for Beijing

Peugeot Onyx supercar

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This will be a great buy in about 3 years time, by then it would have depreciated to a couple of quid.

Ah! the stormtroopers are on the march again.

Citroens used to be the same, however the DS3 are holding their value really well, i guess once a french brand builds something decent if people like them, they will hold their value.

this is a really good looking car, i wonder what will be the final result thought:(....

Have you seen the prices of a good 60's DS's now....

I bet this never sees the light of day.

Can't say I care for the wango-tango rear lights, but otherwise it seems a calm update of the old 406, itself a fine car.

Good luck to Peugeot if they decide to build it.

They need to stick that nose on the RCZ, replacing the current, rather awkward face - lovely.

Peugeot must invest in a good automatic transmission, better hybrids and refresh the already ageing 508, replace the 5008 and 3008 instead of investing money in a niche model like this.
peugeot needs new management as well as a new strategy asap.

I like this, very fetching and a nice colour too.

Great looking car! BUT unfortunatley it's about reliability for me, which is rubbish!

Here here...order it in AA yellow to ensure a perfect visual match with the recovery truck. I would NEVER buy another Peugeot.

The 406 Coupe was one of the best looking cars of the 90s, if all time. And, unlike the overweight shark 407 Coupe, this looks pretty tasty too.

But the 406 Coupe was available with a 210 bhp 3.0 V6 and a manual gearbox, and was still let down dynamically by FWD. This thing has wheezy little engines that are at odds with its upmarket pretensions.


A lovely car from Peugeot.

Unfortunately the UK wont see it. The 508 barely sells.
The SUV thing will sell like hotcakes though.

Damn you all, UK new car buyers!