Porsche Cayman GT4 spied

13 May, 2014 4:26pm Jordan Bishop

Porsche appears to be working on new flagship Cayman that could be badged GT4 and offer more power than the entry-level 911

Our spies have caught a mysterious Porsche Cayman out testing, suggesting the Stuttgart-based manufacturer is already working on new flagship model to sit above the recently launched GTS.

Reports claim it’ll be badged GT4, a move designed to echo the 911 GT3 without diluting its prestige or confusing customers.

As you can see, the Cayman in these images certainly benefits from a number of GT3-inspired design features, including the same gaping intakes within the front bumper, thin horizontal LED daytime running lights, a slim vent just below the bonnet, and a more pronounced front splitter.

It’s still clearly a Cayman though, the giveaway being those curved trapezoidal headlamps, rather than the oval lights found on the 911, as well as the single-stalk wing mirrors and distinctive air inlets located behind each door. 

Round the back the bulging rear lights also clearly belong to the Cayman, but instead of the usual single central exhaust, it gains the 911 GT3’s dual-pipe set-up and large rear diffuser. Completing the changes is the addition of a large fixed spoiler.

In terms of technical changes, the GT4 will probably use a version of Porsche’s 7-speed double-clutch PDK unit as fitted to the GT3, with the new Cayman set benefit from a lighter chassis and lower ride, too.

Although Porsche is keeping quiet on performance, it’s likely the GT4 will build on the Cayman GTS’s 335bhp and could be the first model in the line-up to offer more power than the 350bhp entry-level 911.

As well as further narrowing the gap between each range in terms of output, the new Cayman is also likely to edge closer to the standard 911 when it comes to price, too. Expect the GT4 to sit between the £55,397 Cayman GTS and 911 Carrera 3.4, with prices starting at £60,000.