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Best in-car dashboard camera apps 2016

5 Feb, 2016

Are smartphone apps an alternative to dashcams? We test eight to find out

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Best interior wipes 2016: group test

28 Jan, 2016

Which of eight packs of interior wipes clean up your cabin in seconds?

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Best rechargeable torches 2016: group test

19 Jan, 2016

We test eight winter essential rechargeable torches that you can keep fully powered up in the glovebox

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Best wash brushes 2016: group test

14 Jan, 2016

These winter winning wash brushes attach to a hose, but which is best?

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Best tyre pressure gauge 2016: group test

4 Jan, 2016

A good tyre pressure gauge keeps you safe and saves you money - so which is best for quick and easy checks?

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Best driving games: the car racing games you have to play in 2016

23 Dec, 2015

We round up the coolest car video games for driving fans on Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and Wii U

DAB car radio
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DAB car radio adaptor reviews & group test 2016

15 Dec, 2015

Which set-up is best for converting your car radio to work with DAB digital broadcasts?

Dash cams test
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In-car camera reviews - dash cam test 2016

15 Dec, 2015

With dash cams being used more and more by motorists fearing bogus insurance claims, we’ve rated the best ones in the UK

Slot car test
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Scalextric and slot car set reviews: 2015 group test

24 Nov, 2015

We test seven slot car sets from Scalextric, Carrera and more that’ll keep racing fans young and old trigger happy

Headlight change
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Best HID headlight bulbs 2015

4 Nov, 2015

First gas discharge bulbs are nearing end of their life, so we test eight standard and upgrade HID bulbs