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Product group tests

Impact wrenches - Cordless

22 Mar, 2006

For the simplest way to loosen wheel bolts, you need a cordless impact wrench. We tested 12...

Product group tests

Impact wrenches - 12v

22 Mar, 2006

With an impact wrench changing a wheel will never be tyresome again. We took four to the workshop

Product group tests

Screwdriver sets

15 Mar, 2006

Every home mechanic should own a decent screwdriver set. We get to grips with eight top-sellers

Product group tests

Speed camera locators

8 Mar, 2006

With prices tumbling, we look at the latest speed camera locators on the market - and pick the best

Product group tests

Used car checks

1 Mar, 2006

Don't rely on a crystal ball to see what's in store on a used buy. A history check will reveal any horrors...

Product group tests

In-car bluetooth phone kits

22 Feb, 2006

If you want to use your mobile phone behind the wheel, a hands-free kit is essential. But which unit rings our bell?

Product group tests

Power inverter

15 Feb, 2006

A power inverter can run all sorts of electrical kit in your car. But which one flicks our switch?

Product group tests

Best roof boxes

8 Feb, 2006

They're a great way of maximising your car's luggage capacity - but which roof box should you buy? We give our verdict on 12.

Product group tests

Power packs

1 Feb, 2006

Don't get left stranded by a flat battery ever again - invest in a power pack to fit in the boot. We put eight of the best to the test...

Product group tests

Chamois test - Synthetic

25 Jan, 2006

Want a chamois champ to give your car a sparkling finish? Here are our top wipes