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Product group tests

Cycle carriers - Rear

3 May, 2006

We put the latest cycle carriers on the rack in the search for the best combination of car and bike

Product group tests

Microfibre Cloths

26 Apr, 2006

New hi-tech cleaning cloths offer supreme performance - but which is best? Here we put 10 top-sellers through their paces

Product group tests

Tyre pressure gauges

19 Apr, 2006

It's essential that your vehicle's tyres are inflated correctly - but which is the best gauge to help you do so? We test 12

Product group tests

Alloy wheel cleaners

12 Apr, 2006

Alloys can look great - but not if they're covered in grime. We rate 16 cleaners to see which busts the dust

Product group tests

Car polish mega-test

5 Apr, 2006

Britain's biggest ever polish test names the top shining stars foryour car this spring

Product group tests

Hex key sets

29 Mar, 2006

Which of these star turns stand out for under-bonnet tasks? Auto Express put eight sets to the test...

Product group tests

Impact wrenches - Cordless

22 Mar, 2006

For the simplest way to loosen wheel bolts, you need a cordless impact wrench. We tested 12...

Product group tests

Impact wrenches - 12v

22 Mar, 2006

With an impact wrench changing a wheel will never be tyresome again. We took four to the workshop

Product group tests

Screwdriver sets

15 Mar, 2006

Every home mechanic should own a decent screwdriver set. We get to grips with eight top-sellers

Product group tests

Speed camera locators

8 Mar, 2006

With prices tumbling, we look at the latest speed camera locators on the market - and pick the best