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Product group tests


30 Aug, 2006

A torch can be a saviour if you break down at night. But which is the best glovebox buy?

Product group tests

Cordless drivers

23 Aug, 2006

Which cordless screwdriver is best for work on cars for home mechanic? We try out eight...

Product group tests

Portable media players

16 Aug, 2006

Films, TV, games... You can have the lot in your car these days. Here’s our review of the latest kit to put you in the picture

Product group tests

Scratch removers

9 Aug, 2006

Minor scrapes on you car's bodywork can soon be rubbed out. But which remover is best?

Product group tests

MP3 adapters

2 Aug, 2006

Want to listen to your MP3 player in-car? Our team tests 14 top kits that make it easy. But which is the best buy?

Product group tests

Headphones untangled

26 Jul, 2006

Tied in a knot with your ICE system? Get a set of wireless headphones. We test the best

Product group tests

Bug cleaners

28 Jun, 2006

The battle of the bugs has begun – and if you want to stand a chance of winning, you need a specialist product in your armoury.

Product group tests

Waterless car cleaners

21 Jun, 2006

With hosepipe bans now in force, we try out the best 'waterless' car cleaners