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Hand sanitizer reviews
Product reviews

Hand sanitizer reviews - 2013 group test

21 Aug, 2013

We name the specialist hand sanitizers to trust after doing car DIY

Car vacuum cleaner review
Product reviews

Car vacuum cleaner - reviews - 2013 group test

15 Aug, 2013

To clean stubborn grime from inside your car, you need a hardcore garage vac. We pick from eight

DAB radio test
Product reviews

DAB radios - reviews - 2013 group test

7 Aug, 2013

You don’t have to buy a new car to get DAB radio on the move, as there’s a range of aftermarket head units available. We test eight

Hands-free kits tested
Product reviews

Hands–free kits - reviews - 2013 group test

1 Aug, 2013

A hands-free headset or speakerphone lets you make calls legally on the move - we pick from 12 top buys

Testing spanner strength
Product reviews

Spanner set reviews - 2013 group test

10 Jul, 2013

Which combination spanner set offers the best selection for DIY jobs on your car? We take our pick from 12 top buys

Car fragrance test
Product reviews

Car fragrance reviews - 2013 group test

8 Jul, 2013

An automotive-themed fragrance makes a great gift for the car-mad. We rate the nine top brands

Buying tyres online
Product reviews

Tyre retailers - reviews - 2013 group test

8 Jul, 2013

Buying tyres online is easier than ever, and our reviews will help the tyre shopper find the perfect site

Bug shifter
Product reviews

Bug cleaner reviews - 2013 group test

5 Jul, 2013

We test 10 of the best bird muck and insect removers

Tilting bike rack
Product reviews

Bike rack reviews - 2013 group test

4 Jul, 2013

Bike racks that mount on your tow bar or tow ball are really easy to use - and we pick from 10

Alloygator Alloy Wheel Protectors
Product reviews

Product Awards 2013: Product of the Year

13 Jun, 2013

Alloygator Alloy Wheel Protectors are a clever, simple and cost-effective solution to protecting your expensive rims from scrapes and scuffs